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rattan bar stools wanted, $$$$$$$$$$$ waiting

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i seek proper stools for my bar,just 2 stools........rattan or preffered , bamboo.


You prefer bamboo over rattan? You may want to wait till June for Cruz's 'Da Show' (yeah, I know the line "Cruz is a rip off" but I'm not talking about buying from Cruz but rather the other vendors there God Damnit!)

I picked up 2 very cool rattan stools with back for $200.

laney posted on Wed, Dec 11, 2002 9:47 AM

How much are you looking to spend?
These are far away but if the price stays low it would be worth the shipping. You have time to look into shipping costs.
These are sweet but also far away.

I have two like the first set of 4. They have been outside and need refinishing. Is this something you are willing to do to save $$$. I may be willing to get one project off my list.

The second set Laney posted that are selling on ebay, swivel with backs, are exactly the same as the ones I picked up at Da Show for $200 for 2.

i am a newbie so forgive this question,cruz who??????????. i would be willing to refinish no prob,as long as they would be affordable (shipping to so cal).as far as spending limit......maybe 2 bills for the fine pair.i know it aint much, but i have 7 hungry motorcycles to feed....and a wife.....and a tiki bar...

Cruz is on Ebay as alohacruz.com. In what was the greatest tiki purchase I ever made, and I have bragged about it before, I bought three of these same stools for $200.00. They came with a six foot wide rattan bar. At the time I had a friend who worked at Goodwill who tipped me off when these items went on the floor.

Pages: 1 6 replies