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knobhill- resturant

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Ok this isnt tiki but it concerns a drink :drink: , It was my bday(ugh 30) the other day so we hit the strip, went to a resturant calleds knobhill, it supposed to be a SF favorite. I had a drink called the cable car, it was waaaaay good. It was made from capitain morgans spice rum, orange cucacao, sweet/sour (bitterS), with a cinnomon and sugar laced rim. Man I was in heaven Drank a few of those, got a great buzz. Here's my question, Anyone know of this drink? by another name? You SF folk have you heard or been to this restuarant? It was a upscale resturant kinda pricy but the food was great.

this drink is a classic and definitely not a not a new trend. there is no substitute, but is was at the same bar and had this new drink called a mojito and it was good. has anyone heard of this drink by another name.

The mojito is an old Cuban drink.


Respect for the MOJITO!!!!

Watch out for those babies. They'll really make you see pink elephants. It seems they are quite the trendy drink these days - even James Bond is drinking them instead of his usual martini!

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