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Fredz Hedz by Freddimon and Tikiware by Pelee Jan

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Hi All,
These are our first tries at tikis. Please enjoy and comment, too!
This is my first try...

here is a side view...

Other side...

A few days later after some sanding and tweaking...

Second tiki, rough-out...

Second Tiki, sanded and tweaked a bit, not done....

Pelee Jan's first tiki, a mini wareable, really nice piece in oak!


Visit Moonrest Cottage on Pelee Island, Canada at http://home.earthlink.net/~fwmunkachy/

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Here's a try at a larger image... Now I've figured it out, sorry for the repeat pic.

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Here's todays efforts...

Wearing black with a dandruff problem is a no-no!

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Freddimon, you and PeleeJan, keep it up. For your first tikis, theu are Awesome. You both look to have a ton of talent, so keep up the carvings and keep up the postings!

COOL. HEY ,is that a palm log there on the pile?lol got your e mail, feeling fine here, back yard is up and almost running .partys will be starting soon,6/23/06 first happy hour of the season(weather permitting). but stop by any eve. allmost allways out back working on something TD

Thanks Benzart, you are our inspiration! Zoom in on the pic by my carving and you'll see it's of one of your works! Hope you don't mind!

Thanks TD, we've been talking about you and all your wonderful collection, can't wait to see it all "up and running"! We'll be on Pelee on the 23rd, but we'll stop bye the next week for sure! That is your log, I'm making sure I'm good enough to carve it first!

Here are some more updates on our carving:

Some sanding on Freddimon's #3

Jan's mini lono #2

Teeth roughed in...

Here's more progress, #'s 2&3 are done:

The artist at work...

The Pelee beach for tiki carving....

luke posted on Wed, Jun 28, 2006 7:11 PM

nice I like them a lot

[ Edited by: luke 2006-06-28 19:14 ]

Thanks for the comps, Lukey! You're my best fan!

DAMN! and you are just down the street!!! FYI, HAPPY HOUR this FRI.starts about6;30.stop by.


Freddimon, your stuff is getting better by leaps and bounds. Love the stain on this last one and the detail is really getting tight. Keep'em coming!


Great time at Tikidavids' HUGE collection of Tiki in a really cool back yard setting. It's an instant teleport to another world!
Benzart, I can't thank you enough for the props! You are THE inspiration for carving Tiki's. I just finished reading your 100 page thread and it really got my creativity pumped; just to know that there is a master like you to guide all of us carvers! Did you start a new thread yet?

McTiki posted on Tue, Jul 4, 2006 7:30 AM

As you progress through this post, one can see the experience pay off. Keep em coming Freedi! Welcome.

that is amazing!! like i am a beginner and i come nothing CLOSE to those creations. you have great talent for that. keep that stuff comming.


Thanx McTiki! I am going to need a lot more experience to equal my idols on this site!
TD, I have been sculpting for a few years on and off. I just got back into it after about 3 years off. I'm new to doing tiki though. I think if you're having fun doing something like this, you're bound to get good at it. It's a law of nature, I guess?


Here's some updates on new and old stuff Pelee Jan and I are doing:

This is a split white pine pole that was really a lot greener than I thought, SOOOO much sap it splatered all over my clothes and got in my hair, just all over. I'll never make that mistake again! I'm going to let this rough out dry REAL GOOD before I get back into it again!

These are Jan's three minis completed. I wore the biggest one out to a party the other night (about three inches long)...and someone asked me if I had won immunity :)


Freddiemon, thanks for reading all 100 pages. I will start the new thread tomorrow with some pieces I'll be working on for awhile.
You keep up the great work and Keep havin fun. I Love your workspace there, Dynaamite!


LOL thanks FRED,happy hour again this friday.stop by. tell JENA& DAVE. I am, someday, going to have to get a digital camera ,and learn how to post pics in here.


Thanks Ben, it was a great read! Lots of inspiring stuff there, I keep printing out ideas from the great shots there, plus I like the way you put them all together at the end for review! Excellent! My back yard is my workspace, a little tiki torch action by the bog garden, and the log collection behind... I'll have to move in in winter and do clay tiki mugs or something, no indoor space to handle saw dust, boo-hoo!
TD, sounds good, Jan's on Kelly's for the weekend, I'll try to find someone to come over with me! We can take some shots of your collection and download them on to your computer if you like! I'll show you how to post, etc...


COOL( insert smily here)

Here are some updates:
Got back into the "sappy one" #4 and did some sanding with a merlin chain grinder and rough sander... I think it's alive! I should have snapped a shot of this when it happened, but as I was cutting down the nose I hit a puss pocket of sap, and it looked like it had a really runny nose, with "snot" running right out of its nostril!

Put a few coats of stain ( black walnut, sanded and then red mahogany ) on #1...


Lookin Good Freddimon. Your runny nose tiki looks like he will be a Killer Piece when he's done, IF he does'nt run away with the neighbors wife.

hey that looks really good. i like the nose on it too. keep the work comming.

Thanx Benz, I wish he would run away with the neighbors wife!! LOL...
Thanx TD, too! Here are some updates from the Canadian Carribean, aka Pelee Island. Really SLLOWWWW dial up from here so I'll be missing some TC posts for a few weeks...BooHooo...

#4 at his new home by the tiki hut

man is that ever cool. good work. keep it comming

Thanks TikiD! Here's more from Pelee... This is #4 stained and varnished

Here's #5 rough-out. Taking him and #2 & 4 to an artists working show on the island Saturday next, see if I can get a commission or two....

hey FRED , i like #5 for sale? scored another plam log from my nephew if you want it . happy hour as allways this friday , tell JENA and stop by if in town.


Wow, Look what the stain and finish do to your work. +++

Thanx Tiki David! #5 was going to stay at the tiki hut here, but $ can over rule!!! I'll take the palm log, I wish I had it here, I have to go on a log hunt soon! We'll be here until Aug. 6, will do happy hour thereafter!
Thanx Benz, the neighbor lady thought I ruined it by not leaving it white pine! I told her that it was traditional to darken 'em up!
Here's Tiki Jan's latest works, next to a dime....

Just got back from Pelee last weekend, and started another tiki from TikiDavid's palm log he gave me (before carving my first tiki). Sorry it took so long to work up to this TD!

Here is #5 with linseed oil, almost done. Nice piece of black walnut from Tikigap. Thanx to you TG for this great carving wood, man it was fun to carve, great color and ease of working it! Love it, love it, I want more wood like this!!!

He's got Lake Erie beach glass eyes, Ooooh, scary glow to them, aye?


Freddimon, that there's a Nice lookin Couple tikis. That Walnut looks spectacular, can't wait to dig into my T^G log.


Yo! Freddimon! Looks Great! I hope to have my own unveiling here pretty soon of a piece I've been working on. I've been struggling with schedules and timing, but I'm finally almost done. Glad you like the wood! It really is sweet carvin' stuff! Glad to see it go to good use!

palm log looks good!!! we have more. sent e-mail about friday. call me TD

Thanx Benz, walnut is the wood for me right now, you got to try it (again?)
Big thanx to you TGap for so graciously sending me the nice BW log! I am now on a hunt for more- around here. I may have found a large stand I can harvest as needed! Can't wait to see what you've done lately!
TD, I'll take the palm log, call ya asap...
Here's an update on Pelee Jan's latest mini's...

This is our chiyorkie mini-dog Crickette, here for relative tiki size, she's about a three pounder...

Jan got a wood burner and is doing tats now...


Freddimon, that is some Really nice detail and for small too! Keep up the good work and keep posting those great pictures!

Those are looking good. keep em coming.

luke posted on Thu, Aug 17, 2006 8:01 PM

hello these r some cool tikis the one looks like a real dog!!!!! lol.

hey man good GOOD stuff there. really like how that one is comming along. keep it comming

Benz, Jan says thanx for the comps on the small tikis. She's really made leaps and bounds on her stuff. I'm thrilled to have gotten her into tiki carving!
Aloha, thanx for the encouragement, too. Jan and I are becoming devotees of the tiki genre for sure!
Luke, you're too funny!
Duddy, we sure like your stuff too! For such a young guy, you've got to have a great future in tiki!!!
I grabbed my 14 inch chainsaw today and did a 15 minute rough-out. Kind of like a 5 minute sketch in art class (used to be)... I'll go back into it with a smaller grinder in a few days. This was fun, though I had to think about how not to have a bad accident the whole time!


Nice rough-out for 15 minutes work, Just don't take too much off. Lookin goood!

nice work there. thats a rough out? its gonna look REAL good when its all done. and thank you for the comments aswell.

good job

Thanx Benz, I might have over-used my artistic license on that one, but it still stands upright ;~)
Duddy, you're a great fan and it's mutual!
Here are some more pix of #6, and Benz I liked the bone theme I saw you use... so well I tried it my self on this one. I also found that palm can be a very rotty wood. I lucked out that it was rotty mostly on the back side this time, so I can hollow it out without too much harm. This also was a mini chainsaw rough-out, then a gouge and a few strait chisels to finish. I'm thinking just leave it chiseled looking for once, not smooth like the rest of my Tiki's. Maybe stain it, and poly, and done. GARDEN ART?


Well it's been a while, so I'm due for an update. Here's #6 stained.

Here's #7 with a coat of sanding sealer...This was some colorful wild looking well aged and really powder dry wood. It is full of worm holes, though they look to be done with their worming activity. Can anyone on TC tell what this wood is? I thought it might be silver maple, but that would have been much lighter in weight than this wood is now, Humph...


Freddi, thems a Really Nice couple tikis. Excellent stain job too.

Thanx Benz! It's a good thing there's little difference between black walnut and English chestnut stains! No. 7 has no stain, really a cool looking piece of wood with all the worm holes and color all its own. So here's #1,7 & 6 left to right finished...

#'s 7 & 6 closer...

nice stuff man. i like the dark one. neat pattern on the head.
looking forward to the next ones


You're right, that stain job really came out nice. I really love the Wormy Chestnut too, How was that to carve?

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