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Rock-A-Tiki, BERLIN, Germany (store)

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Street:EBERSWALDER STR. 26 10437

A really nice store, selling rockabilly clothing and items relating to tiki... books, music... they've an in-store hairdresser who is available every Friday to help you will all your quiff and DA hairstyling quires! They've also got the rockingest flyers going... here's just a few...

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My pal Warwick writes...

"Know anyone that would want rockatiki.com ?

I got it a while ago when there was a rockatiki in town, and I put up a note on the site where the bar was, and apparently the owners didnt' want the domiain name, then the place died.

Anyway, if I "let it go" then the domain name vultures get it, and they don't give it up easily to anyone, and they charge a boatload id you want to buy it. I have about 100 domain names, and I know what the vultures are like. You may as well just think of a new name, cause trying to get an expired one, that a vulture stole, is next to impssible.

Anyway, wanted to know if you know anyone that wants it for like $100 bucks?"

Email him at [email protected]

Alas it is no more. I went by the store and it is now a clothing store. Talked to some people outside and they said it had closed but were not sure when.


closed since 2006 :(




Looks like it didn't go out of business, it just moved to a new location. It's now at Kopenhagener Strasse 69.

Rock-a-Tiki, Berlin in Critiki

Awww, what a shame! I went there a couple of times two or three years ago, and even wrote it up in an article I did on 'trendy Berlin'. Nice folk. Also, April's TABOU bar closed too, didn't it. Berlin used to be a bit of a euro hotspot for Tiki.....it makes me sad to think that perhaps those days are no more. :(

On 2009-04-18 17:45, The Vintage Vixen wrote:
Awww, what a shame!
... Also, April's TABOU bar closed too, didn't it.
Berlin used to be a bit of a euro hotspot for Tiki.....
it makes me sad to think that perhaps those days are no more. :(

During a recent trip to Berlin, I made a point to find this place. The store has moved around in Berlin several times over the past few years. Here is the current address:

Class of Berlin
Große Hamburger Straße 19a
10115 Berlin, Germany

You’ll note the store is no longer called Rock-A-Tiki. The man behind the register explained that Rock-A-Tiki and five other stores were “combined” into a single umbrella store called Class of Berlin.

The place is very small. It has a ground floor and also a basement reached by a narrow staircase. Half the basement is devoted to a tiny single-seat barbershop. A man was midway through a haircut when I walked down there. That was certainly unexpected.

The merchandise is mostly quirky and/or “vintage” clothing and accessories. There seemed to be a lot of denim clothes and leather bomber jackets in particular. There is almost nothing tiki. I noted two obscene pictures on the wall featuring hot-rod tikis copulating with human women. There was also a tiny selection of aloha shirts amongst the merchandise, and… well… that was about it.

It’s an interesting store, but don’t go expecting to find things tiki. It really doesn't belong in this forum anymore.

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