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I forgot to include this in my Hawaii travel report - I visited the Shell Bar as featured in the TV series "Hawaiian Eye" - a lot smaller than on the version from the WB backlot, but apparently Connie Stevens was there recently for a dedication/tribute to the old show:

I have some photos of it but being techno-challenged have no idea how to upload them here, if someone informs me I'll be happy to post a few shots. Aloha, Will

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I checked out the FAQ and created a Shutterfly account as instructed, but hit a snag when I tried to actually embed the photos here (no "properties" option was offered when I left or right clicked my photo). Anyway, here are the direct links to the two Shell Bar photos:



Shutterfly is tricky. You can't go to that link you posted if you are signed in as another user. The only way is to right click on the photo in Shutterfly and select "Copy Image Location". Then paste the result in your post with "![](" in front (minus quotes) and ")" at the end of the link.

See this for instructions:


My head hurts now, screw it. But thanks for trying.


hey, how'd ya do that??

never mind, I'm an idiot


I was looking for Hilton Hawaiian Village and I ran into this thread and it woke up some memories so I dug up this pic. Some South Seas Cinema Society members went to the rededication of the Shell Bar including (as mentioned in linked newspaper article) co-actor on HAWAIIAN EYE w Connie, Doug Mossman and actor Don Stroud who was discovered while he was a beachboy at Waikiki. Look up Stroud, he became a good actor and for you young-ins he's the sheriff that gets killed towards the beginning of Tarantino's DJANGO UNCHAINED. Too bad I don't have a group photo just me and Connie, sorry mom, Connie and I.

Found this record yesterday
Shell bar mentioned on the back of the album

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