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Trade Ur Vac's, Vancouver, Canada (store)

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Name:Trade Ur Vac's

I've noticed this driving by a few times.. I'll stop and take a picture when I get a new battery for my camera.. (I have to say I almost drove off the road laughing the first time I spotted it..)
It's a used vacuum store on Kingsway between Clark drive and Victoria drive on the North side of the street.. There's an old neon sign out front that says "trade-ur vac's" and another sign that says the place has existed since the 50s (I can't remember the exact year) peering in as I drive by, it looks like the inside is kitted out in the usual beachcomber detritus of fishing nets and glass floats with some tired looking palm tree pictures...

[ Edited by: Velvet Ruby 2006-06-15 18:28 ]


Hey Velvet - I live near(ish) that area, was intrigued by your post (never seen the place before - it's hidden pretty good by trees), so I went out to take a pic myself;
The front window is loaded up with nautical items, and I saw some of the things you mentioned through the doorway. Unfortunately my anxiety disorders were acting up :roll:, so I didn't head inside for a closer look (or find out what diving helmets had to do with vacuum repair!).
Incidentally, there's some chain-link fence slapped up on the outside wall painted over in the same shade as the rest of the exterior, and looks from a distance like fishing net!
If I get back there on one of my up days, I may just ask the history of the place & if it has any connotations (or order a Mai Tai).

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