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Reminder: Tiki room makeover tonight

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Just a reminder on The show While you were out they redecorate someones bedroom-tropical-hawaiian with a tiki in the background. It's at 10pm eastern on TLC.


The parents don't look to thrilled. I think they would have rather come home to the kegger!

That was cool....I would have like to have seen more tiki in the finished product; (I guess you must convert the infidel slowly!) But that Kelsie was a cutie :)

I have to agree about the parents...not the most excited type I gues. What they did to they ceiling was really nice! God only knows what their bamboo bill was!

....yeah, they said total budget was supposed to be $1500, but it looked to me like they spent at least that on just the bamboo!!!


I must say I would have been thrilled-guess the parents just don't know. As for the roof-I loved that. I actually have that fencing in my garage for something to do with. We have extra from making our shed outside with it. It stores all of our lawn and garden stuff. My boyfriend put on a thatch roof and a tiki mask on the door. My bedroom is in the makeover for a tiki room. So I think I'll try using that roof idea. That fencing is really cheap at home depot. For a roll of 15 ft long 6 feet high is roughly 15-20 dollars. So it goes a long way.

There is an episode recap on tlc.com

Unfortunately the pics mainlyfocus on the show's talent and not really on the projects. There is a fairly good shot of the cieling and fan in one of them.


Just watching an episode of "While You Were Out"

They're pretty much transforming a bedroom into a Tiki bar, complete with matting and bamboo on the ceiling, and thatching on the canopy of the bed. One of the prizes was a huge carved tiki! It's 7:30pm Pacific time right now, and it's on TLC.


I believe this one was on before. If it's the same one i'm thinking of, the ceiling turned out great!


Thanks SullTiki, that's the one alright!

It's neat to see people actually attempting to install stuff up on the ceiling, gives me some idea what to expect, and a few ideas of improvement.

Aloha, eh?

I think I'm still in love with Kelsie. :(

A little over a year ago, Tikiwahine helpfully noted:

Just watching an episode of "While You Were Out" They're pretty much transforming a bedroom into a Tiki bar, complete with matting and bamboo on the ceiling, and thatching on the canopy of the bed.

I was just thinking about re-doing my bedroom in tiki; I have the ceiling fixture and a few other things and was thinking about putting thatch sheeting on my cheap metal canopy bed but I seem to be slightly allergic to it. I don't want to use fake thatch. Any ideas for an alternate treatment of a canopy bed?

You could paint the posts to look like tikis. Or follow pariartspaul's directions on Making Fake Bamboo out of the posts.

You could buy some cloth in whatever pattern screams "Tiki!" to you (Tapa cloth, Hawaiian Shirt patterns, Batik, etc.), drape it over the top of the canopy & attach loops to tie it to the canopt & hold it in place. Or you could cut the material into bed curtains, attach loops to the top & tie them to the canopy top. You could let them hang down or tie'em up like drapes.

Does Mosquito netting feel tropical to you? You can get a Mosquito netting bed cover cheap at Ikea. You can then attach it to the ceiling over your bed & either drape it over the canopy, or under the canopy ant tie it to the posts of the bed. You can then tie up the bottom of the mosquito netting to the side rails of the top of the canopy, if you do this in 2 ir three places it should drape nicely.

You could make a dust ruffle in the same pattern you liked for the topper or bed curtains.

You said you were alergic to the material the thatching was made of, are you alergic to Raffia? I've used a raffia dust ruffle, & I'm certain you could overlap raffia dust ruffles or table skirts to make a thatch roof by overlapping from the outside in on whatever supports you wanted to make the roof out of.

I'll probably think of more later.

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