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House of Tiki, Cosa Mesa, CA (store)

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Name:House of Tiki
Street:1860 Newport Blvd
City:Cosa Mesa
Phone:(949) 642-8454

House of Tiki sells new merchandise, including tiki mugs, aloha wear, housewares, and of course, tikis.


We were able to drop into House of Tiki this past weekend -- I'm embarassed to admit it was my first trip there, I don't get down to that neck of the woods very often. It's a neat shop! I fell in love with a keen beachcomber-esque fedora there, but had to leave it behind. Here are the pictures I took:


House of Tiki was my retail introduction to tiki. Obtianed mugs, tikis, spears (faux) and received a tiki as a Christmas gift.

The sales staff lived in Maui, which added to the mana.

WooHoo Wahine and SoccerTiki took TikiTina and me to the House of Tiki over Memorial Day Weekend and we had a blast shopping and chatting with the owner. We brought home a couple of mugs, a mask, and a tiki and we give this place an A+. The only downside to the trip was Bamboo Ben's place was closed so we didn't get to visit, but that just means we'll have to plan another trip out! Oh Darn! :)

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