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pics of da old TV in Waikiki International Market Place

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GECKO posted on Sun, Dec 15, 2002 2:12 AM

Aloha peopo,

here are some pics If u neva seen the old Trader Vics at the International market place in Waikiki. hopefully they all come out.


da old display shack fo drinks and pupus

some nice wall plaques still intact...only because they are close to da roof. Oherwise I'm sure they would be gone.

The parrot walk is da bridge leading to da front door of TV from da other stores at da Int. mkt place.

from da ground

da front door. The TV is now da office fo da peopo who maintain da market place as u will see.

behind that ugly white board was once da stage for great acts I am told.

still get tapa cloth and bamboo on da walls and celing.

da tapa cloth roof


Awesome pics Gecko

GECKO posted on Sun, Dec 15, 2002 2:34 AM

eh! what da hell u doing up dis late Turbo! its 11:46 pm Honolulu time u on east coast time bra! go to sleep already! save some TC fo tomorrow! hehe


My lil Wahine got my schedule all screwed up. Killin' time till I can fall asleep again.

Very cool pics Gecko. Thanks for sharing. Too bad in place of the stage is a huge whiteboard now!

Aloha Gecko
Thanks for posting the photos...brings back fond memories of visting the TV Tree House in the early 70's, and also reminds me of my stays at the Waikikian and Tahitian Lanai. Is Canlis still there? Probably not...I remember having dinner and mai tais there while listening to Martin Denny.

GECKO posted on Sun, Dec 15, 2002 2:03 PM

Tiki Rider you are cool dude!! you got to eat at da tree house oweee! I wish I could have eatin there! Maybe dey will kick dem peopo out and re-open! time fo dem fo "kick rocks"! (get outa here, split) dey just destroying da place by not doing nuting with it.


Hey Tiki Rider,

The Canlis in Waikiki is gone along with the old location of Hulas nightclub next door. I think there is a Niketown in the same spot now. :( You can always visit the Canlis here in Seattle. :)

Thanks for the pics Gecko, very nice!

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