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Does anybody else have tiki radar? I mean I can if its tiki I can find it. It could be in the bottom shelf of a cluttered booth in a huge antique mall but I can still find it with ease. Whether it be an old tiki statue mug or carving. It is like everywhere I go I find Tiki or Hawaiiana. I take it as some kind of sign. I guess the tiki gods like me or something does anybody else have this?

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I'm getting pretty damn good at scanning shelves at great speed. I don't usually have a lot of time so I have to go through places quickly. I've actually given myself motion sickness from scanning too fast, which is either cool or lame, I'm not sure. But last week, I walked by a very low shelf with loads of little deers and figurines and out of the corner of my eye caught a white ring. Something in my subconscious triggered that it reminded me of Mr. Bali Hai's earring, and so it was: a pair of vintage S&P shakers. Woohoo!


Not only do I feel I have tiki radar, sometimes I fear I have tiki delusions/halucinations. After seeing Dogtown (and the Alva interviews) I was so excited about the tiki behind him that I mentioned it to Jim Muir at a book signing. His response, "I've seen the film 7-8 times and I don't remember a tiki." I was so embarassed that I had mistaken a telephone pole for a tiki, that I went to see the film again. It was a tiki. Thank God the medication IS working.

Tikidar! I put up my 5 year olds sense of Tikiar up against those of you (geezers) who claim to have the gift (Sabu) :wink: Driving down PCH today on our way to Aloha Cruz in Hermosa Beach, my son yells, "Tiki Alert"! I can't find it, I'm looking eveywhere. Finally he points to the top of The Pitcher House, with the giant's blue eyes beaming down at us from the roof top! There the Tiki is. I am sure The Pitcher House has been discussed here, (been there done that) but not having lived in the area since I was five (now 30ish), all these houses of Tiki are new adventures for me and my son to discover together. So what's the story? How did this Giant Moai come to be on the top of this building? Anyway, my son needs to be taught how to harness this Tikidar, it truley is a strange and powerful gift!

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DawnTiki - if you're in the South Bay somewhere (Hulaville??), you should come out with us on one of our Hale Hawaii - Tony's on the Pier - Purple Orchid mini-excursions!

Anyhow, even though I've been telling him about it for AGES (literally), Sabu still has yet to see/photograph the tiki on top of the Pitcher House - looks like you (and your son) beat him to it! I haven't seen it discussed here before, but here's what little I know about it: the Pitcher House is one of those sawdust-on-the-floor joints where the decor is a collection of, well, "stuff": street signs, license plates, political posters, stickers, mannequins, movie props, Rose Parade float leftovers, mounted animal heads, album covers, you-name-it. Some of it more than 30 years old, and they just keep putting newly donated "stuff" up over the older "stuff"! Truly an impressive collection of clutter! For a long time the moai was indoors, next to this giant paper-mache head of Oliver Hardy (of Laurel & Hardy), but a few years ago, they did a renovation of sorts and moved the moai to the roof. As you can see by the picture, it's pretty big - at least 9 - 10 feet, I'd say (compare it to the car in the picture) - and it has blue floodlights for eyes. But they must have just recently hooked the eyes back up - they were lit up inside, but not on the roof. Other than that, I really don't know any more about it...

But on a serious note (this has been discussed already, I'm sure): I really hope you were just going to Cruz to pick up an auction you won or window shop and not actually BUY anything! While their vintage stuff is awesome, the family is as nice as can be and DA SHOW in summer is a buyer's dream, the stuff in the store is so absurdly overpriced that only a fool (with deeeeeeep pockets) would actually buy something there! (ex: would YOU pay $35 for a Harvey's bucket mug? How 'bout $25 for a Don Ho tumbler? $35 for a Tiki Leilani? Get the picture?). Personally, I liked their old place on PCH in Manhattan Beach better (and I don't think their rent was as high...)

Its such a trip that my son (Frankie) has a great eye for Tiki's! It makes it easier for me! I have family in Pedro, so we get to the area often. On every trip I try to go on a Tiki quest. I live in the High Desert, in Victorville. I was born in Torrance, raised in O.C. (Tustin) then my Mom moved me up here in my Junior year of High School, to get me away from the unsavory element, yes, I was a wild child. Now that I have bored everyone with my Bio! Hulaville was a little roadside stop on route 66, with a giant wooden hulagirl, glass bottle garden, joshua trees, just a quirky little spot close to where I live. When the owner passed away the city tore it down. I would love to make it to some of TC's events, I went to the Tiki Bash, while I was lurking in the shadows I got to meet a couple of you. As far as Aloha Cruz went, yea, everything was pretty pricey! I liked the owner so much I had to buy something, so I picked up a Aurther Lyman LP. I was going to get a mug but DAMN! 45 bucks for a mug I paid 9 for on ebay and thats including shipping! But the man who was there was sooo cool, very kick back he sat and talked surfing with my son while I rummaged through stuf looking for hidden treasure. Thanks for the invite, maybe I might make it to another TC event soon. I am looking forward to the Tiki Day Celebration, I hope Bong is serious about putting something together and not just blowing smoke :wink: Hey this is my 100th post! Hmmm, I don't feel any different! :D

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