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tiki is everywhere

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Ive seen tiki is some form or fasion they even had Tiki on the cartoon show Grim and Evil
Bobby had a "south seas Sworee" whith tikis and everything it was great ( they probbly used Oceanic arts)


I saw that Grim and Evil also. It was pretty good.

tikis are like aloha(love) you can never have enough aloha

I am seeing alot of near-tiki these days, stuff that is close but no cigar. For example, in the new issue of In Style magazine there's an article about a TV star's house and he has what he calls a tiki bar, but he doesnt have any tikis. Its a pretty nice bar though, done up with bamboo and leopard patterned seats. Plus there's a brief article about a new Julia Stiles movie where she plays a "tiki dancer" and she is dressed in a hula outfit. Also, I just bought my husband some boxer shorts that have a retro design all over them and one of the designs is "Tiki Bowl" with bowling pins but no actual tikis. Alas...

they just stick the word Tiki on stuff just to get sales its really patethetic

you can't get away from tiki

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