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Stonehenge In The Hills, Ingram, TX (other)

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Kenike posted on Wed, Jul 5, 2006 5:55 PM

Name:Stonehenge In The Hills
Street:FM 1340

Stonehenge in the Hills a.k.a. Stonehenge II is located way, WAY off the beaten path in Ingram, TX. There is a replica of Stonehenge...60 percent as tall as the original, and 90 percent as big around. On either side of the Stonehenge replica are two Moai replicas (around 15 feet tall). Apparently the Moai disturb some of the locals. Definitely worth checking out if you happen to be in the area. Ingram is near Kerrville where lots of people go camping. We swung by there on our way to San Marcos and then Austin.

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Very nice thanks for the post.


Fixed the image links above.

Also, the Austin band Cotton Mather filmed a video here in 1994.

Cotton Mather also put out this album:

They have nothing to do with Exotica though, they sound Beatles-like and their name is based on an infamous New England Puritan:

"The belief in witches and witchcraft was widespread in 1692 New England. One of the most ardent believers was Cotton Mather, a respected Boston minister who wrote on many religious topics....
...But Mather played a much more direct role in the Salem Trials. His sermons and written works fanned the flames of the witchcraft hysteria. He declared that the Devil was at work in Salem, and that witches should face the harshest punishment.."


I think their front man Robert Harrison is a closet tikiphile. There's the KonTiki album, this video, and his new band Future Clouds & Radar has a song that includes references to tiki.

Hey, nothing wrong with being in a powerpop band.

Besides, the last thing we need is tthe mainstream acceptance of Exotica on the pop charts. :o

ebtiki posted on Fri, Feb 4, 2011 8:21 AM

This site (now called Stonehenge II) has been moved to the grounds of the Hill County Arts Foundation, located just west of Ingram, Texas, on Texas Route 39. Information on the site can be found on Wikipedia here:

Here are some photos from November 2010:

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