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Large caliber straws

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Now that it's fruit season and Kiliki and I will be imbibing Mango Daiquiri's regularly, it brings to mind a need.

With so many of these frozen concoctions, the regular straw doesn't work well. And if it flexes, it makes it just that much harder to get stuff through it.

Where can we find large caliber flexi straws? I have been tempted to steal the milk shake straws from Hardee's or Sonic, but I'd rather find a good supply elsewhere. Any suggestions?


oooh i'm thinking "slurpie headache!"

i've found giant straws at a restaurant supply store. they weren't 'bendy' ones

i also found a site online:

ooh and 1/2" diameter straws (for those icky tapioca glob drinks) or instant brain freeze!


This is funny as a few months ago I almost posted a question as to whether SKINNY straws were still made...The trend seems be for FAT straws. Fortunately I found thin straws at a restaurant supply place. I also found a bar supply place that sold nothing but fat straws. I associate fat straws with drinks like the $1 margaritas from a machine at the back of Slots-O-Fun on the crummy part of the Las Vegas strip.

I've always figured a blender drink shouldn't be chunky or stringy. Maybe the true quest is for a powerful blender (Red Green probably has some ideas on that).

Bendy straws are for poolside and hospital, they take style from drinking. People look more interesting when they bend or move to reach the straw. You don't get a sexy glance across a Mai Tai with a bendy straw.


Well, we only use vintage blenders. Maybe one of them new fangled jobs would turn all the ice to powder, but it would clash with the Kitchen-Aid and the toaster!

Bigger straws is what I need. I guess a restaurant supply store is the answer.

The nice thing about the bendy straw is that you can keep the straw in position better.

Real straw straws!!

"Back to the real thing. Drinking straws.
To rid the world of plastic drinking straws, two women from the Harz region in Germany set out in search of suitable stalks. Their quest was sucessful, albeit beyond the area of influence of Brussels-based standards-»experts«. They found long rye straw in Poland and have developed a cutting process which does not fray stalks. And now the natural straws have only one more hurdle to take, namely the price competition against their mass-produced plastic cousins."

Available from http://www.manufactum.co.uk
Only looks like they are available in Europe at the moment, though.

Trader Woody

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