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Fine Arts Annex Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL (other)

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Name:Fine Arts Annex Loyola University Chicago
Street:North Broadway

Check it out!
I stumbled upon this site while touring around Chicago in a rental car on Saturday. I was up on North Broadway and nearly did a 180 degree turn around in the middle of the street to get back there and take some pictures. Due to the rarity of this type of structure in Georgia, needless to say I was pretty excited to add it to my database. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was or is being used by Loyola University for a Fine Arts Annex. The exterior is in moderately fair condition and the green tiled roof is solid. The large multi-paned window in the gabled front is very nice, I cannot believe some moron hasn't tossed a rock through it. Inside, I cound not see past the front entryway. The wall of this room is decorated in a tribal geometric pattern. If any of you fellow Tikiphiles in Chicago Land know more about the history of this building post it! If it never was a tiki bar it would sure make a good start for one. I don't know how it would fare in its present location though. I've got more pictures and will post them if anyone wants to take an additional look.

Hang Loose.

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