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Samoan Sea Apartments, San Pedro, CA (apartments)

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Name:Samoan Sea Apartments
Street:661 N. Harbor Dr.
City:San Pedro

Apartment building with A-frame entry and two well-preserved tikis out front. Also see Sabu's photo tour from 2004:



We came across the Samoan Sea apartments while exploring San Pedro on Saturday. The apartment building looked like it was in great shape from the front, but a quick drive around the lot looking for visitor parking left us feeling like the quicker we could get out of there, the better. But the front is truly fantastic! The two tikis are in great shape (being concrete helps, surely), and the A-frame front is dramatically framed with pier pilings and nautical chain.


I love it!!! I attended a party there about 10 years ago.
And believe it or not... there were sevearl Samoans.

Be careful... the tikies are watching

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Nine years after those last photos, the Samoan Sea still looks pretty good.

The entrance is this very nice two-story A-frame.
. .

The slit-drum tikis are still there.

If you ever visit the Battleship Iowa, and I highly recommend you do, the Samoan Sea is almost across the street.

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