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feel so left out

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eveyone elese lives in SoCal, Atlanta or up north somewhere I live in Hicksville people don't even Know what tiki is


Do you need a hug?


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Don't let Tiki ignorance in hicksville get you down! Be proud of who you are! I think creating your own oasis in an area void of Tiki shows far more dedication than we, in areas of greater Poly-Pop exposure, can achieve. We somewhat take for granted the access we have to resources and fellow Tiki-philes.

You have a golden opportunity to spread the word of Tiki in your area! Grab your Book of Tiki and start preaching!

And remember, your fellow Tiki Centralites are just a post or email away. We're a close knit family no matter where in the world we are.


I know what you mean....If you want it you gotta build your own paradise up in dem dar hills. "Nauw, whut dew yew mean when yew saay yur 'luukin fer teeekee stuff?" (must say this with very suspicious tone in your voice and smartass eye squint)

laney posted on Tue, Dec 17, 2002 1:11 AM

Actually, I kind of envy you. You must score more tiki than us. I hit thrift stores and garage sales and have to fight off too many tiki lovers to even find a scrap. You must have some old people with souvenirs and little competition. Look at the bright side or move here!


Yeah. Here in East Tennessee, so many people will call us and say "there's a tiki at such and such thrift store." Or they buy it and give it to us. We also have found those few people around who share our interest and we get to share with them. But we miss out too. We heard too late about a bunch of 5-7 foot tikis in a nearby antique store from "some restaurant" that someone drove from Atlanta to get and showed the owner the tikis in The Book of Tiki.... GRRRRRrrrrr

We're doing what we can to bring Florida tiki-philes together. We've met a few people here and there, and confirmed what was said earlier about members of this board being wonderful people. A small group of us sort of made plans to meet again after the holidays, but so far nothing concrete. I guess we're all just laying back and waiting for the Hukilau in June at the Mai-Kai. I for one, would like to get together more often with a smaller group, however.


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Swanky...actually, that was me (don't be mad...you guys can come by and hit the good sauce and view them here anytime you're up in the mountains) -but I drove from Clayton and only got one the first time....BUT I just went in with a buddy and got the two more that went to Atlanta today after a bit of private eye work. After the Atlanta guy's markup they cost us over a grand, so they weren't cheap, but worth every penny just with a look at them. The other two went somewhere into the belly of California, presumably never to be seen again, although I am making efforts to find out who got them. There were actually 6, the very last one is being kept by the Imperial Luau owner's daughter; she has said she doesn't want to sell it as it is the last one she had. Read the post called "Archeological Coup". I wish everybody happy hunting! There's plenty of stuff out there, just be obsessed, tenacious, and tooth and nail about it and never let a price or an asshole stop you.

Basement Kahuna your pissing all sortsa people off stealing their great finds! (lol)oh well we southern tikifiles will just have to stop by and get a drink at your wonderfully decorated bar ! :wink:

by the way just kidding about the pissing people off

Your Scorpion Bowl awaits....

Talkie, perhaps an expedition to SoCal would be good. Consider the Tiki Oasis in 2003! Then you can meet the whole gang.

actually, being on the other coast you have much more opportunity to discover uncharted tiki-spots than in the west, where everything has been mapped. not to mention a much less picked over slew of goodies in the shops and thrifts.. you are standing on fertile ground, as I'm sure NC has plenty of tiki hidden around due to it being a coastal state.

The best part of the tiki ride for me was back in the days when I was finding stuff for the first time- don't miss out on that high (talk to sabu) and start searching around..


As for the Minni-Apple, what's the number one get away for those folks? Hawaii! So there is likely a lot in the thrift stores.

As for you Mr. Basement... I can only guess if this is the same tikis we heard about. It was just last weekend (maybe 2) that a dealer told us of these. They were $250 each. The one detail I recall is that they were sold to someone from Atlanta...

Was the dealer called El Dorado?

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