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I am writing this post to all the fellow Tiki-Centralites....One of my best friends and an avid Tiki culture enthusiast SGT. Brad Owens just left for his second tour of duty in Kuwait in as many years with the 297th Military Intelligence Battalion. They are forbidden the pleasures of tropical libations over there but Brad and the other lonely cats in his outfit sure would probably love if we dropped him a line or two...these guys do put their asses on the line every day so we can live in peace over here in the "Land of the Big PX" and ask for nothing in return. If anybody would drop him a line I'm sure he'd be grateful. He left a girlfriend and a five-year-old son behind. He told me he did take a set of Tiki Farm mugs, a little glass float, and some back issues of Tiki News with him to stay in the comfort zone! His web adress is: [email protected] His mailing adress is: SGT Brad Owens
TF 297th MI BN
APO AE 09304

Thanks, guys and gals, and keep'em coming! Brad just e-mailed me from Kuwait the following message: Hey Dave,
Thanks for the posting. A few folks have e-mailed me already. I will send you a pic as soon as I get the Tiki Bar set up in the barracks. You can then post it for me. I will need a few things to top it off when I get it ready for "business". I will let you know what they are. See you soon.

Your Tiki man In the sand,
Brad Owens

I'm sending Brad 2 Suffering Bastard mugs for official "storage devices of crucial counter intelligence documents" as libations are non-protocol and added a polite request that he kindly blow-up the ass of Saddam Hussein up the coast if he gets the chance! Brad rocks - thanks dude!
Tiki Farm

Man,...Brad'll thrill to that 150 percent... and if the good sauce is available he'll find a way (think Trapper and Hawkeye)...Muslim no like alcoholic refreshments..G.I. do :) Thanks, Holden.

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OK, Basement Kahuna. I think I got all the info.


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