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Admiral Benbow Inn lounge, West Seattle, WA (bar)

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Name:Admiral Benbow Inn lounge
Street:4212 SW Admiral Way
City:West Seattle

There was an Admiral Benbow here in Knoxville and it's postcards are great. You can see the research on our location HERE. There is still a small chain of these motels. I was loojking online and came across this article about the Seattle location and I knew the feeling he spoke of. His description could be that of many a tiki bar fan entering a Polynesian palace. In this case, it's a nautical theme. Does it fit on Tiki Central? Someone in Seattle please let us know! Check it out.

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It's right up the hill from my house.
I'm afraid it was more of a dingy gross pirate ship
theme. Went a couple times and although somewhat interesting ly
divey, I was kinda grossed out in there.
Anhow, no tiki, and well, it's been gone a couple years now.
Could be cursed though by some ghost pirate, as no one has been able to keep a business running there since it closed.

While rummaging around Tiki Central I came across this thread. For the sake of those oddball history types here's a link to an old thread about the end: The Sinking of the Admiral Benbow Inn

The Benbow Room, the ship-themed bar from the old Benbow Inn in West Seattle, has been re-opened. I never saw it before the original closed, so I can't make comparisons, but the current interior is wonderful.

There's a good pick here and several beautiful ones here (the first several are of the associated restaurant out front, the Heartland Cafe).

My review of my visit is on my Project K-Bar blog here


Well, looks like I know just where to visit next time I'm in Seattle!

I say our next Tiki "get-together" should transpire here! Anyone know if the ship's bow has the fun lighting Woofmutt described? Still - nice atmosphere AND wouldn't you rather go the Heartland Cafe than the Crap-in-the Box across the street?!

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