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nationwide directory of tiki-centric live music venues

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I'd like to impose on my fellow tiki fiends to help me compile a nationwide directory of tiki-centric clubs/lounges/venues featuring live music. I'm in a surf-lounge band based in Tampa Bay, Florida (aka The Sweatsoaked Armpit of the US) and it's challenging to say the least trying to book out-of-town shows that won't break your budget or band morale. So what I ask is this - post a reply listing clubs/lounges/venues that you know of, preferably been to in person or have a reliable report of its suitability, and include following information:

  1. name
  2. address
  3. venue phone
  4. booking contact if known
  5. any additional info such as how many nights a week of live music, do they book touring acts/locals, house PA system, how highly do you recommend this place, acts who have appeared here, etc.

Once there's some postings, I'll start compiling a webpage with 'em all. I thank you in advance!


Tiki Road Trip, which is now only three months away, will feature a complete listing of ALL known Tiki locations world-wide - including live music venues.

All of the information you are asking for - except booking contacts - is already compiled and included in the book.

There is not a separate section for live music, the live venues are mixed in among the rest, but the ones that do feature live music are identified as such in the text.

If you can wait until March, this job is already done!

Mele Kalikimaka!


Do you mean real tiki type places, or surf rock friendly places? For instance, the Echo Lounge in Atlanta has hosted The Penetrators and just last weekend had Los Straitjackets. So they would be a place you might hit up for a gig, but it's just a venue, not especially themed toward the tiki.

Thanks for the replies!

Awesome! I've perused your fine Tiki Bar Review website so it seems you're the ideal person for such a publishing endeavor. I await with eager antici ... (say it!) ... pation.

Thanks for the tip re: Echo Lounge. Some friends have played there and reported had a good time. My turn!

I guess I'm looking for surf rock/lounge music friendly places, with tiki ambiance being a sought-after bonus. My mindset is that while decor is most helpful in creating mood, it's the aloha spirit of the people assembled that makes the evening something special. For my band, we're hoping to design and build some portable set pieces so that we can at least partially transform the lowliest of fratboy binge drinking swillholes into at least some shadowy representation of Tikiness. I consider it a kind of reverse missionary work. :)

It'd be great to get some sort of tiki/surf/lounge musician's network started, so that acts can travel sans backline and have a "host band" in various cities to help set up shows and promote 'em ...

Only places with some level of Tiki decor are listed in the book.

So, this place in Atlanta is not included.

So perhaps there is indeed a need for further compiling, if you are looking for all surf - lounge - exotica freindly venues...

Well, it would seem that joints with tiki decor and live music would be the best places to hit up for a booking. :)

Hopefully - ahem - other posters on this b'board will start chiming in with their nominations before too long ...

BTW, I pre-ordered my copy of TRT on amazon - can't wait! This should be a serious boon for the PolyPop movement.

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