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Western Style Hawaiian Shirts

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A friend was wearing a western cut, long sleeve Hawaiian shirt that caught my eye. It had about five buttons running up each sleeve from the cuff and was quite a unique
shirt with zazz appeal. Turns out it was homemade by his sister.
Today I went into the Portland Outdoor Store (a cowboy store) and asked if they carried anything like that. They did not but said a company in Colorado called Karman
or Carmon's had been making some for about five years. I haven't found a listing for them. I was wondering if any TC people had any information on this type of shirt as my friends shirt is wearing out and it is time for a new model.


I recently bought a long-sleeved aloha shirt from http://www.hotshirts.com. All they sell is aloha shirts. Reasonably priced too.

Tiki Bong
That is a great resource for aloha shirts. I found long sleeve shirts and shirts with western designs but none with that western
squiggly cut on the shoulders and chest that
cowboy shirts typically have. The old authentic ones often had two breast pockets with buttons or studs. One pocket would sometimes be small (for rolling papers) and the other, large enough for a pouch of tabacky.

I also got a shirt from hotshirts and was happy with them although I was expecting them to be based on an island paradise and not in Colorado. Try http://www.alohaland.com for custom hawaiian shirts, long and short sleeved. I got one from them too. Their size chart runs alittle small so if you have them make you one, you might double check your measurements with them. There out of the tropics in Oregon.

Pages: 1 3 replies