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Every picture tells a story

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One of my favourite photographs in the 'Book of Tiki' is the one at the bottom of page 19, where a group of lei-wearing fun-lovers are about to tuck into an entire pig.

The people who really take my eye are:

a)The poor chap to the left of the hostess, who's looking somewhat vague as he's probably going to have to pay for the whole shebang. (And notice he's munching on a banana....he's the only one who realises all the fruit will go to waste)

b) The lady right at the bottom of the photo. With her casually tossed lei, (possibly) flaming cocktail, and pack of (stroke of genius here...) Chesterfields, she's the gal the guys have got to talk to.

c) The guy in the background with the amazing semi-bleached mohican & glasses that puts him firmly into the nu-metal/geek rock cross-over catagory.

d) The sad-looking, put-upon waiter who looks on the whole party with a look of weariness & pity. I just hope that guy got to sample a few cocktails after the shirt-wearers had all gone home.

Trader Woody

Good observations. For the fastidious Tiki archeologist the Book of Tiki should have come with a magnifying glass, which is also of great use when studying Tiki lounge postcards. Although one can not look around corners like the zoom-in clicker in Bladerunner, and often one just gets to see only pixels, many a time details like Tiki table lamps or placecards emerge:

Here's a challenge that will provide the researcher with the location of where said photo was taken. WHAT restaurant name is spelled out in cocktail cherries on the back of the pig? To confirm, compare mugs with page 45 and the menu of the mystery place...

Further inspection of the waiter's jacket reveals a tiki emblem on the breast pocket (what a great sports coat).

I didn't notice the cherries spelled out in the name of the restaurant until it was pointed out, but then it's not too hard to place the photograph (the cherries in the pig's eye socket kind of freak me out though).

I'll be...! Never noticed that jacket insignia! It really is only confirmable once one knows where the scene is from...Indeed a highly desirable garment.
Man that coconut "Native Nectar" (Nectar of the Tiki Gods laced with blessed Rums) looks good in a close-up, with it's fresh mint sprig...

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