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The show me your Witco thread.

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Like it says ....

Here are our 2. Both came from my wifes grandparents house. I recently found out that her grandfather owned a small import store and they may have come from there.

This guy was nailed to the banister for as long as anyone in her family can remember.


Rodeo, I can't believe this how interesting.....

Here's my only piece of Witco; a bar stool sold as a plant stand for $45. Mine's painted and it looks original. Curious to know when they started painting this stuff . .


Aloha!! I picked up the following Witco pieces today. They aren't really Tiki but I know that there a few people on TC that collect Witco and know about this stuff. They do match (King and Queen or two Queens maybe?) each other but it looks as though they were once used for something else. Maybe the one with the candle holder is correct but the other has a few extra holes in it and has a piece of metal added to the bottom which looks like things would hang from it. They are about 7.50" wide by about 27.50" tall and are in pretty good shape. No marks on them but both have wall hangers on the back. I was thinking at first they were a back of a chair or something but the bottom and top of these are finished so I dont think they were taken off of anything.
I only try to hang on to the Tiki carvings done by Witco so if anybody is interested in these you can drop me a personal message. Thanks for looking!! TabooDan

Ok, not my Witco, but take a gander at this collection on ebay! 19 pieces sold as one, with a starting bid of $15,000!!!

ebay witco

As for myself, I found an ashtray the other day that looks "witco-esque" but I don't know if it is for sure. Any ideas?


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I guaruntee they won't get 15k for that stuff. Please, Witco room sets can be found around here for a few hundred dollars... I don't care as much for the non-tiki Witco though.


Here's my Big Joe. Still grin when I walk by him.



Hey ! That Witco suite is here in Calgary. And it's local pick up only!

Damn! If only they didn't know what they had (and bidding was starting in the low hundreds).


On 2006-07-31 14:04, Sneakytiki wrote:
I guaruntee they won't get 15k for that stuff. Please, Witco room sets can be found around here for a few hundred dollars... I don't care as much for the non-tiki Witco though.

Especially when it has to be re-upholstered again---that brown stuff just looks wrong.

Sigh, sometimes I hate what the BOT has done.
...I think I just won't publish that next one after all.


I got Witco hangin'......no really in the living room!

Excuse the suck-ass camera




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McTiki posted on Tue, Aug 1, 2006 5:40 PM

Nice collection there Zombie!


Witco or no? Front


Witco lighter?

Chub posted on Wed, Aug 2, 2006 12:08 PM

The ashtray is a piece I just found a month ago for $1.99 at a thrift store. The fountain is not mine yet, but I'm working on it.

Now remember kids, only because it's burned veiny wood it does not mean it's Witco!
Since some of you asked, here's a brief assessment of the pieces:

A.) Witco did not make ashtrays
B.) Z's last pic of "Witko" (Vitko?) is not, as he hinted
C.) Sweatpea's mask is not
D.) And even Tikiwahine's very cool lighter is not

The rest is.

What makes it difficult is the fact that during the 60s there were several individuals who copied the Witco style, some even after they had worked there and left the company.

Below: A rare Witco "Witch doctor" lamp base, in situ at the Chin Tiki

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Sven, I am so g*#*#mmed happy you can post images now. Sway on, my teutonic amigo!


This is the boat I found or should I say It found ME


On 2006-08-03 00:47, bigbrotiki wrote:

C.) Sweetpea's mask is not

WEll, that's a bummer,but Pea likes it anynow. Thanks bigbro for the info! Clears up confusion!

Chub posted on Thu, Aug 3, 2006 1:29 PM

"Well, that's a bummer,but Pea likes it anyhow."

...And that's all that really matters anyway. Personally, I like seeing all the Witco knock-offs just as much as seeing the real thing.

Yeah I had a feeling that lighter wasn't witco, the grain and colouring just wasn't quite right.
Thanks for the confirmation! It's a great little tiki, reminds me of a miniature fountain.


IF only someone would write a book . "THE BOOK OF WITCO"

Kanaka posted on Fri, Aug 4, 2006 1:53 PM

World map in my office

Fountain in my basement [one day to become a tiki bar]


Here is a Link to my Witco. I still have to restore the outrigger picture. I have just been real busy. Hey Sven, Just think, this time last year we were having fun on the big island celebrating Dugs birthday. I wish I was there swimming with the turtles now. Scott


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Scott, yes, Kona is it, sigh. Must say, I know people who have more Witco than you, but the quality of each piece you own is outstanding, congrats again on benefiting from a family tradition!

Kanaka, your photo proves again: The Witco globe really looks best in an office, (or in some mid-century modern corporate entrance hall)! And you own a "Fountain of Fortune", lucky you!


What did you guys do clean up before taking your pics? Here are my Witco pieces as they lay in my office.

Totally proper shrinkage. Thanks for the service HL!

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Here's mine.


It's all I gots.


Not 100% sure this is Witco, but the lines are correct.

That's totally Witco!

This shot really helps emphasize the grease stains on the artwork.

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On 2006-08-21 22:05, Slacks Ferret wrote:
This shot really helps emphasize the grease stains on the artwork.

Looking at the composition, are you sure it is grease? It could be salad oil.... :wink:


These Witcos were used by my mother Ione in one of her Tiki projects, The Royal Palms in Oxnard, Calif 1963.

This is probably a really lame question, but what type of wood are Witco pieces generally carved from? Is it a type of cedar?


[ Edited by: Swamp Tiki 2006-08-22 14:14 ]

Is that a trick question, SWAMP Tiki? :) Because Witco was mostly made with cedar, but a special kind, called...SWAMP cedar. Swamp cedar was widegrained and soft wood, which made it unfit for construction, so nobody wanted it. So it was cheap, easy to carve, and after torching, displayed that raised wide grain. The ugly duckling of wood was turned into the ugly ducklings of decor!

I really like your signature graphic.

Nope, It was a real question, just a coinsidence...Thanks for the answer and thanks for the compliment, Big Bro. I guessed cedar, but would have never guessed "Swamp" cedar. What region is this particular wood native to?


I know, I was just kidding. Witco got their wood from their own backyard, in Washington, and Oregon, but also further up North, from Canada, I believe.

I don't know where Bosko and Keigs are getting their wood for their Witco style carvings from, I bet swamp cedar is not the only type that works.

Roger that. I have worked with what I call a "common cedar" that grows along old roadways and railroad grades. It has a similar grain. Thats what got my curiosity up.

Thanks, man.


What is the consistency of Witco wood? Is it heavy and dense?

I am asking because I came across a large carved wooden key (about two feet long). It looked like a jailer's key, and had the heavy wood grain you find in Witco carvings. When I picked it up, the key had very light weight. I didn't get it, but have wondered if it was actually a Witco.


tikipedia witco did make some carved keys. A lot of witco items are pretty light the cedar is old and dry. Here are a few of our Witco items. Found mostly in thrift shops and ebay.

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These little guys are about 8-10 inches tall, LOOK and FEEL like Witco, but are they??

Swamp Cedar grows in the SE USA the midwest and parts of Canada, i don't think WITCO mfgd using cedar from Washington state. Ironic that.



Here's our Witco

and Silverline, we have a couple of those small tiki guys too- I'd be really surprised if they weren't Witco!

I don't have a lot of Witco but I have a few cool pieces. I think I posted the statues a while ago but here they are again. I got these at the county flea market about a year ago. I also have that cool bench that I traded for a case of beer. I found it at a party next to a bonfire! I saved it. I am not 100% positive its witco but prestty sure. These pieces are all in my home bar, "the Kava Lava Lounge." I am working on posting pics of it also. Here they are:

Hope you like them



Did Witco produce various odd little sundry items? I stumbled across a couple of things today that looked "very interesting."
I would have snapped some pictures but I didn't have my camera on me at the time. One was a stylized little creature about 10 inches tall. It had two protruding pieces of wood for its eyes. The shape looked like that stupid 1980s cartoon character The Incredible Shmoo. The other item was more human in form but lacked the cedar graining that characterizes the Witco items I have seen up to this point. Any suggestions? Oh yea, The height of the humanoid was about 1 foot.


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