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things that raise my Ire

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I hate it when they stick tiki on something just to get attention if you say tiki bar then it should include tikis in it if you say tiki music It should have something to do with tikis
Its not a buzz word Its a style I mean come on you guys know how it is you expect to be in for some exotic treat when all you get is some sleazy bar

Also tiki is a style MY style thing that is tiki are stuff from Polynesian origins or influences you can't have African /Mexican /tiki and other kind of proverbial shit!

Tikis are not Idols! How many times do I have to say it!

Tiki def 2 a: A Polynesian wood or stone image set up as a temporary abode or embodiment of a god or other supernatural power but not worshiped as an Idol

This definition was taken from Webster’s third international dictionary

Ok I like to rant. You know you have thought the same thing


well tiki is whatever makes you happy. it makes me happy to think of them as pagan idols and myself behind the bar as high priest, liquoring up young virgins for sacrifice to their randy escorts.

Whatever floats your boat...most of the big joints in the 50's and 60's had stuff from all over the South Pacific/Oceana, not just Polynesia (although I, like you, think that African and Jamaican stuff definitely does not belong in the Tiki world). I, for one, really like New Guinea, New Zealand, and Cook Islands stuff.

I would have to add the tongue in cheek futurism of the late 50's and early 60's as being tiki as well.

Esquivel seems tiki to me, and those boomerang Formica counter patterns, chrome rimmed kitchen tables, cars with bubble tops....

Shag imitates that atmosphere well with his use of futuristic scenes.

Tiki, if you ask moi, is the product of the early space age creating a scene where it was cool to mix in the look/style of more primitive or timeless, and leisurely, culture. Sort of a reaction to the speeding up of life that people perceived at the time.
Tiki is nonthreatening, outside of modern pace, and done in good humor.

So, whatever your reaction to modern times is, feel free to call it tiki!

BARTENDER! Another Mai Tai please, in a coconut mug, if you will.......

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