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Tiki Room Grand Opening Party

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Aloha! I have had words with the contractor and have finally been able to fix a date for the big unveiling of my new tiki room. This is an open invite for all the Ohana who can make it to Allentown, PA on Saturday 9 September. Just shoot me an RSVP. If you need a place to crash the extra rooms and couches can accomodate a total of about 10 or so bodies. Better yet stay up all night and just worry about room at the breakfast table. The jacuzzi will be bubblin' and yes there is more than one bathroom. So I hope to hear from those of you nearby and maybe a few far away. If we have enough long distance voyagers maybe we can arrange a day in NYC to check out Otto's, Wally's, et al.

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Wish I could check it out! My travel points are just about expended for 2006. Please post some pics!

Again, my wife and I thank you for the lift to Bali Hai..

Best wishes!


Denver's a bit of haul so no worries. Just plan on making this a stop whenever you guys decide to come East to check out the Jersey and NYC tiki joints someday.


More Details:

To Mapquest it my address is 2829 Sweetbriar Ct., Allentown, PA 18103

FYI - I live about a mile east of Dorney Park just off of I-78.

Less than 2 weeks to go til the grand opening party for my new tiki room here in Allentown. Saturday, 9 September starting at 5:00 ish. I hope to see as many of the ohana there as can make it! PM me for exact directions. Aloha!

WOOOHOOO! Todays the day. I hope everyone has a Tiki-rrific time @ Rugby Matts. We wish we could be there

On 2006-07-28 12:46, rugbymatt wrote:
Aloha! I have had words with the contractor

Contractor? :)

Enclosed my patio to make the new tiki room.

WooHoo! What a time in the new tikiroom. VelveteenLounge and Paul drove in from Middletown, NY and helped get things started. Paul was an awesome mixmaster behind the bar and VL helped me with a few last minute decorations. SoccerTiki and WooHoo Wahine phoned in just as they were arriving at Grog's party out in Cali. All tolled we had over 2 dozen folks in attendance and several stayed the night. We closed up at about 3:45 A.M. What a blast!

Photos to follow -

What a blast! RugbyMatt is an awesome host and his tiki bar already looks fabulous! I took a bunch of pictures and will pull them off the camera very soon...

Photos of the new tiki room and of the opening party

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