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Tahiti & Cook Islands for the Holidays

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Okay, don't hate me but my Ti and I have the good fortune of going on a 10 day cruise to Tahiti and the Cook Islands for the holidays.

I know this is last minute, but any points of interest, must see's, etc. before we go? I know there is at least one member from Tahiti but I can't find the original post!


Big Bro, I know you've been there. Any advice? Gecko?

Mele Kalikimaka,

Uncle Arty

Good for you bro! What an excellent trip!

Moorea, I think the most beautiful island. Definately try to spend time there. A bike or scooter ride around the island is perfect to check out the scenery. It gets better around every turn.

Bora Bora, Bloody Mary's restaurant is killer. I guess you get food on the ship, but go for a drink, or just to check it out.

Tahiti, I think downtown Papeete is pretty cool. It's amazing that there's a bustling little city there. That's the place to do your shopping,and nightlife. There's good surf spots to check out on Tahiti. The Gaugan museum has a few REALLY old tikis.

Food is very expensive!! If you have to eat find somewhere that says they serve snacks.


Bloody Mary's reminded me about a previous discussion on Tahiti that you may find useful. Have a great time.



Mahalo for the good advice. I must confess I have been once before but did not get to experience all the things you mentioned. A scooter ride around Moorea sounds perfect and I will definitely check out Bloody Mary's on Bora Bora. The last time I went there they were closed! :(

I agree with you on the Gaugain Museum -- a must see and we will make another trip there. Thanks for the tip about shopping in Papeete. Didn't get to do that last time.


Mahalo for the link! That's the one I was looking for!!!


Uncle Arty

"I do not shun adventure if it comes my way"

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GECKO posted on Fri, Dec 20, 2002 5:12 PM

Ho! bradda sten u lucky cuz! All I know about dem places is dey have EXCELLENT carvers....not as good as filipinos but dey good! Dey carve all sorts of south sea tikis! U gonna have a great time. My real dad from ova dea. But I neva been! Have a safe trip.




Mahalo for the mana, brah.

I feel very lucky and blessed.

Mele Kalikimaka to you and yours.

T & A

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Ia orana

I know of one Tiki Centralite island girl who is from Moorea, her name is Misstyki, try & send her a message, she might be able to help you out. Anyway while you lucky guys are in the Fenua of Tiki, try and make stop in the atoll of Rangiroa in the Tuamotu archipeligo, (the largest atoll in the world, the isle of Tahiti can fit inside)scuba diving & fishing is absolutely fantastique and the islanders are oh so friendly.

Bon voyage & nana


Sanitizer! Lots of it for the boat!


Mahalo for the tips. I'm sending a message to Misstyki and I hope we get the chance to meet a Tahiti Centralite! The atoll of Rangiroa in the Tuamotu archipeligo sounds awesome! I hope we can make it there.

Getting very excited!

Yo, Reverend!

Got an extra wetsuit I can wear on the ship?!?

Alohas 2 both of yous,


Have a good time guys, and stay out of trouble.

Since I used Papeete only as the port of entry for my freighter trip around the Marquesas, I really only can recommend the 60s resort where I stayed, The Royal Tahitian, in the suburbs of Papeete. Largely un-modernized beautiful gardens and an old style restaurant and bar. It was off course built by a guy that lives in the San Fernando Valley.
My dream destination in those parts (after the Marquesas) would be the Austral islands, Rurutu, Raevavae, etc.

Have a great trip!

One final Mahalo for all the great advice and well wishes! Hope you all have a great holiday!

We're off to Tahiti!


T & A

as long as you bring us back some tikis

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