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Young's Cafeteria & Restaurant, Glendale, WV (restaurant)

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Name:Young's Cafeteria & Restaurant
Street:1307 Wheeling Ave

This, I believe, is the first documented case of tiki in West Virginia. My parents and I made the trip down for meat loaf, mashed potatoes and peach pie, and I took the opportunity to snap some photos. Please know that this is a tiki room in the back of an all American type cafeteria that caters to folk who like delicious home cooked meals served by some very, very nice and down to earth people. There is no alcohol served, nor any Polynesian food. Just some good'ole tiki nestled in between the mountains of West Virginia. Please see this link, which is listed under TikiCentral's, Tiki Travel section to see the photos I took of the joint. Cheers, everyone!! TikiTommy


I went searching for tiki in the hills of WV yesterday and knew I had to stop in here. I got worried when I saw an online review that mentioned a 2009 remodel!
Safe to say the room's still intact (I'm not sure what was remodeled actually, the place is pretty much stuck in a timewarp).
I wasn't much of a sleuth, everybody I asked about when/why answered with "since I was a kid","oh, forever", etc.
There are pics on the tiki travel thread, but I'll post some more here soon.
It's an actual cafeteria where you take a tray and guide it past the steam trays.
Next door (almost attached) is a 50's motel (the O'Reilley Arms, now the O'Reilley Offices) and out back are the remnants of a bowling alley (with the Strikes and Spares Lounge). It must've been quite the stop between... well, WV Route 2 only runs from Huntington to Chester. So, I'm not sure how much travel there really would've been on it back then either.

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