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Blue Ridge Tiki Mug ?

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Does anyone know anything about Blue Ridge China. I have three tiki mugs that are stamped Blue Ridge China USA, they are very heavy, have a Otagiri style Hula Girl and Palms. Just curious if this company made other designs and any other info you might have ?

Blue Ridge is a company out of Tennesee that produced mainly handpainted dinnerware through the 30's, 40's and 50's. Their floral patternware is very collectible. I have had a set or two in my antique travels but have never heard of a tiki mug, but it makes sense that they would jump on the bandwagon in the 50's like everyone else. I would guess those are rare mugs!

Thanks Basement Kahuna, I apprecaite the info. I couldn't find any of the tiki mugs on ebay or the internet. I thought someone would have some on TC. I guess I will have to wait for that Tiki Mug Book.

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