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Zanzibar, Santa Monica, CA (bar)

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Street:240 Broadway
City:Santa Monica

My brother Michael Mc Millen did a miniature art piece called the Zanzibar, Not sure where it is on display but I'll get more info and post it when I can. Was patterned after the LA bar which he thinks was from the 40's somewhere in Santa Monica. I will post his piece when I get an image of it. Does anyone know anything about its history or have pictures of it?

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It seems that there was a Zanibar bar in Santa Monica, California at Broadway and 2nd St near the pier. The Miramar Hotel would have been a few blocks north with its classic tiki bar. There must be pictures somewhere we can use. Any ideas?

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I think there was a Zanzibar bar built in the back next to the Florentine Gardens on Hollywood Blvd. in the 30's or 40's.

Here's a matchbook from the Zanzibar at 240 Broadway in Santa Monica (corner of 3rd & Broadway):

You're right - the Tiki-Jo in the Hotel Miramar was nearby. I'm not sure if they were concurrent, since the Zanzibar was probably built earlier in the 1940s or late 30s, but if it survived a decade or so, then NOT ONLY would you have had the Zanzibar and the Tiki-Jo nearby, but just one block from the Zanzibar you had the 1940s, South-Pacific bar, the "Tahiti South Seas", at 327 Broadway. If you ever meet the lovely Ginger Goldmine at any of our tiki events, ask her about the Tahiti. It was owned by her grandfather, Herman Klabunde. I'll ask her if her family has any stories about the nearby Zanzibar as well.



Thanks Sabu, cool match book. I am going to the library in Santa Monica soon to see if there are any photos we can use here.

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More later (hopefully), but I just watched the 1965 movie SYNANON (a dramatization of the Santa Monica drug rehabilitation center, which was later turned into a megalomaniacal cult by its leader, who is played by Edmond O'Brien in the movie). Lots of great old Santa Monica street and beach shots, but much of the last 20-25 minutes takes place outside and inside the Zanzibar.

It is a fully bambooed and matted pre-Tiki bar, but I did see a Tiki mask on the wall in the background of one shot. The outside is a corner multi-story building (may still be there) with neon "Zanzibar" signs, but not much else suggesting "Polynesian." It's on my DVR, and hopefully I can grab some freeze frames.

Caltiki Brent

Synanon - Starring: Edmond O'Brien
Stella Stevens
Chuck Connors
Eartha Kitt

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