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TalkieTiki , how to post pictures

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These were Alnshely's great instructions from a previous post. This will show you how to get your photos posted.-John

You can't post pics on TC. What you're seeing is a BB Code link to a picture posted somewhere on the web. Stay with me, believe me if I can do it, you can train a monkey to do it.

Step one. Go to Shutterfly.com. This is a free service. They are a good online photo service. One of our Moderators, Mig, works there. It is easy to download photos. here's how

  1. Setup an account. It's easy they only want your Email address.
  2. Download photos. Easy as pie. the step by step will show you how.
  3. Now that your pics are posted they will all have a unique web address.

The pictures you see on TC are a direct link to that web address

Step two. determining the web address

  1. Open your pic on Shutterfly.
  2. Use your mouse, "right click" your pic.
  3. A menu will open. Choose properties (left click).
  4. A properties box will open. there will be a web address (URL)
    to that specific pic.

Step three. posting

  1. Hit the post button on TC.
  2. Copy and paste your pictures web address.
  3. Type ![]( directly before the address No spaces.
  4. Type ) directly after. No spaces, include brackets.
  5. Hit submit.
  6. That's it.

Now read TC's FAQ, on posting pictures.

Thank you I'm working on getting a pict library but it will take a while

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