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Alaska Airlines (Sky Mall) selling tikis

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Sky Mall magazine, the freebie in the pouch in front of you on Alaska Airlines, has tikis for sale. Page 228 in the current issue. Nothing to get excited about, although they are cast in "faux woodgrained designer resin". Also for sale on their website.

These are the Design Toscano tikis they're peddling. They're great for the price. Design Toscano used to make Moai as well but have since discontinued them.

I am not familiar with Design Toscano but those tikis are nice looking. A two foot tall tiki for $50.00 does seem like a decent price. Okay, I'm excited.


I also saw those on a United flight over the holiday. They look pretty cool for what they are and brought a smile to my face on a long and tiki-less visit with the in-laws.

Pages: 1 3 replies