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Scooby Doo - anyone else concerned?

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Even though the new Scooby Doo movie seems to contain things I love (part of it takes place in a spooky amusement park, as well as a tiki inspired section) - does anyone else think this film looks pretty bad? I saw the trailer again this weekend, and it looks pretty cheesy to me. I'm afraid it might end up more in the "Jimmy Buffet" realm! Not to mention getting bombarded with so many airings of the show on Cartoon Network lately...
No offense to the Scooby Doo fans....


A bit of trivia:

Who is the voice of Shaggy?

Cassie Casum (sp?) American Top 40 guy.

i haven't seent the trailers (don't even know whether or not they're playing here in the u.k.) but in general when i hear that hollywood plans to remake ANYthing i worry!

so i'll go see it, but i ain't expecting too much. glad to hear that there will be a tiki-inspired scene though!


FYI- It's spelled Casey Kasem

A proud graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit.

I don't know why I carry this useless crap around in my head.


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