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Curious of mask origins.

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I'm curious to know the origins of this mask. I picked it up at a garage sale around 1990 in Pacific Beach/San Diego for $5 or less. It's 25 inches in height and 11 inches across. It's made from a heavy/dense wood which is carved to no less than a half inch at it's thinnest near the edges.

Not that I'm looking to sell the mask, but is there a monetary value on a mask like this? There is no doubt in my mind the money I spent was well worth it. I'm Just curious to know what I've got.

Any insight is appreciated.


On 2006-08-20 13:57, obskier wrote:
I'm curious to know the origins of this mask.
the mask is from south of the border, amigo. yer basic mexico souvenir.

Yep from Mexico, Southern Mexico, it portrays a demon or diablo, and is thus called a diablo mask, many older tiki joints had em' literally hanging around, and I think they work well with tiki, so nice find.

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