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Best Christmas ever

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My boss just gave me a $25 Trader Vic's gift certificate for Christmas! He knows me all too well. 8)


[ Edited by: cynfulcynner on 2002-12-23 15:08 ]


What a cool boss! (you guys hiring? I'm very skilled at drinking and goofing off).

are you like a tikified Wally from Dilbert
( but your much cooler)

On 2002-12-23 19:11, Talkie-Tiki wrote:
are you like a tikified Wally from Dilbert
( but your much cooler)

Dilbert Sucks


Yea! I got a miter saw from my ex, Cory! Just what I wanted-really! Get ready for pictures of some projects I need to complete after the holidays!


Well, I didn't get it as a Christmas present, but while shopping I found an electric moai! One of those hollow glass tubes that makes dancing electic sparks inside, but this one is shaped like a moai. I also picked up a copy of the Esqivel Christmas CD. So, last night I was wrapping presents, drinking a martini, listening to Esquivel, all in the light of my electric moai lamp! What could be cooler than that! Well, I can think of one or two things, actually but it was still pretty cool.

"Everybody knows,
a Tiki and some Esquivel
Helps to make the season bright."

My boss just told me I was damn lucky to have a job...and a few other things...

Fortunately for him (and me), I had that good ole turn the other cheek-Christmas-blended with Tiki-Spirit and refrained from knocking his head through the damn wall.

There are probably few things worse than going home to your wife on Christmas Eve and saying "Hello honey, Merry Christmas. I lost my job and I have an assult charge against me and we still have two mortgages because we havent sold the old house yet, but don't worry, we'll have a great Christmas!..."

Santa Tiki brought me - 2 Nugget mugs AND a copy of Trader Vic's bar guide - all scavenged from the back-country of Oregon... bless those one-shot Hawaiian/casino vacationers. :)

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