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Well I decided to make a mini bamboo fish tank. I only did the frame but it turned out pretty good. If anyone would like to try it, it's really simple. Some cheap bamboo, a saw, and a hot glue gun was all that was really needed. I'll more then likly build more off this frame to really tiki it out.You really cant see it, but i glued in some shells to fill in the cracks, i'd like to add some willow reed or sea grass on the sides or back next.

Also here's a little project I got from the guy who wrote the book "pad". Its a light fixture that's made into a little fish, well in my case crab bowl.Real easy too, just some hemp, twine, plastic airline tubing and the glass bulb fixture, and viola'. I have it hanging from the bottom of a self.

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That aquarium is the perfect thing to build a little Tiki Atlantis. Don't bother with the hassle of owning live fish! Create a fake underwater environment.

Aquarium stores are my favourite place to shop for little (Tiki bar) decor stuff. They still have (out of necessity) REAL PLASTIC plants. And things like the pirate skeleton at the ship's wheel are a classic. I actually found a set of two Moais made for underwater, with barnacles on them. They sit in a fishbowl over my kitchen sink now, in an underwater still life complete with real mini shells and fake glass fish.

But you don't need aquarium specific Tikis, stone or heavy plastic Tikis like Coco Joe's Tikis will make a nice sunken Tiki environ. Stick them deep in the sand and make them tilted and fallen over, like ruins.
Or find scale plastic models of Sponge Bob and the Moai house, if you like that show. How about a sunken model of the "Minnow"? And a little Palm studded island on top? A blcklite backdrop? The possibilities are endless....

Aloha Hula,
Don't be supprised if one day you wake up and see your boo laying next to the fish tank. Boo and hot glue don't jive. You gots to really score the back of the boo for it to hold. Scratch the livin hell out of it of or when it falls off. See you next time we're in Vegas!


heya ben,
I split the boo in half, they seem to really stick that way, I tried the whole round piece and I know what your saying the smoothness of the sides wouldnt keep it in place. But If they fall off Im gonna cement them in!!!! muhahaha


My fish tank has all kinds of junk in the bottom. All those little bird, flamingo, and fish figurines work great. I also put in some repro tiki mugs from O.A. The fish love to hide in them and they would have to back out. There is even a plastic Statue of Liberty in my tank. I think the stuff is more interesting than the fish.
The stupidest thing I ever put in was a shark jaw. It looked melted and I thought... duh, sharks are made of cartilage, oops!

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