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Pictures from Hot Rod Hula Hop (Columbus,Ohio 2006)

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Here's a link to some pictures from the Hot Rod Hula Hop show in Columbus,Ohio August 19th 2006.Just click on Hot Rod poster to view album.Feel free to use these pictures on your site.......Tiki-Tim

Nice photos Tim!!!

Thanks for posting. It was a great time!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers and Mahalo,


Finally got ours up today.

The Moai- and the Drifters- are mightily worthy of having big praises sung! They put on one hell one an event! The HRHH was amazing- and on a more personal note, I finally got a big bunches of my MD and OH Ohana in one state at one time- not an easy task!

So, for both folks who were lucky enough to have made it- and as a way to vicariously enjoy the event for those of you who couldn't, I've finally got our (not NEARLY representative or enough) pix of the event up for your viewing pleasure. Make yourself a drink- put on the Fisherman CD and prepare to enjoy!

But first just a brief word of

Caution the second album- Largo’s- contains a fair amount of Burlesque- so it may not be the kind of thing you want to be opening at work Caution

Hrhh2 is the first event listed about halfway down on my seven pleasures page- http://www.sevenpleasures.org/gallery/

Here’s the main gallery with 2 albums inside it- http://www.sevenpleasures.org/gallery/Hot-Rod-Hula-Hop-2

Finally, we didn’t really take many pix at the Feast of the Gods, but if you go over to the Largo’s Tavern album- http://www.sevenpleasures.org/gallery/HRHH2-Largos?page=1 and hit “slideshow” in the upper right hand corner, you’ll get a pretty good feel for how the event unfolded. I left a lot of the ‘intermediary’ burlesque pix in the albums so that when you slideshow it flows somewhat.


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..nice pics!! at least YOU had the sense to stand in front of the stage to get the best pics......hear that, TIKI TIM!!!!

Hey Tipsy.....What the Hell!Why would you make a ridiculous comment like that!I'm not sure if you were there but it was hard to get to the front of the stage.Also,I don't like to cut in front of people while they're enjoying the show..Sorry if the pictures didn't suit your taste & I didn't know I was being judged by you..Think before you make such an idiotic comment..


Good grief!

First of all- our pix- his and the ones I and OakTiki took, compliment each other REALLY well- he got lots of the afternoon and hot rod shots that I didn't and I got some of the way late on into the evening ones that he didn't.

Secondly- and this is one of those things you'd have to know by knowing me- I'm small- under 5'. This makes it a HELL of a lot easier to get in close to the stage to get pix- some of the time, as you can see in one of the pix in my Largo's set, some of us were kneeling or sitting down front so we could get the shots we did. I also try to do things like stand to the side, near a doorway, where I'm not blocking, but getting somewhat of close in- just not dead center on- pix. Being a small sized human, and female, I should add, tends to make getting pix like those much easier- people cut me slack in part, because they realize I'm not going to block THEIR views. I've also, as a result of our Tiki travels had some practice at this and learned at least of a little of what works and what doesn't.

(The core of my advice to beginners? Run digital, carry a spare card, and extra batteries, take about 4 times as many pix as you think you should, get lots of pix that serve as connective tissue between interesting shots, and have a laptop and cable to download along for the ride. That is if you don't want to run digital video- which I also have lots of experience with. Which is part of the reason much of my still photography sucks- I'm more comfortable running video.)

Me? I'm always interested in what the same events looked like from many different angles- AND with and without flash- the venue and event can look completely different camera to camera. Mainly, I just appreciate as many pix from an event as possible- everyone sees things other people don't catch. For example- I like to try to document how a somewhat more 'pirate' venue like Largo's was one night only Tikified due to the addition of bits like Chiselslinger's fantastic Tikis. This is important, because many places that may someday host events feel they can't because they don't have a Mai Kai in their neck of the woods. I'm trying to show how cities work with what they've got, and how what may at first glance appear an 'unTiki' venue can be morphed with some hard work, some good people, and a little creativity. Largo's turned out to be a really GREAT venue for the event- and, just one of those little details that can make or break the mood, the drinks were damn fine!

What I'm really waiting for, though, is someone to have snapped some shots of speedcult display of all the metalwork and their incredible Tiki truck. 'Cause once upon a time, about a million years ago, I was an art school babe with a blow torch in hand- and seeing what the folks were doing was COMPLETELY inspiring. And I've got no pix of them at all.

So, narping at photographers- and making pointless and stupid narping comparisons is not only petty armchair quarterbacking- but well, just my humble opinion here- dumb. 'Cause from where I sit, every person documenting an event is bringing back pieces of Tiki history to TC. And I'm grateful for all of it!

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calm down everyone.

i think?..... no.... I do think, what Tipsy might have been doing in
his post was what they call humour?!...? a rare thing around here indeed..
now, take the ribbed cob out of yer @#$ and laugh you mother$%@#!%!!

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Hi Sabina....I really liked your photos....What kind of Digital camera do you use? I have an Olympus 3.0 megapixel.I think I'm going to upgrade to the new Sony 10 megapixel later this week.I agree with you and think any picture taken at a Tiki event,no matter how bad,are better than none at all.
Wasn't that Speedcult display awesome!I'm ordering a Tiki sign from them soon for my Tiki-Bar.I chatted with Len from Speedcult for a half hour or so and he was very informative about the stuff they create and sell.I was very impressed with these guys.http://www.speedcult.com I also wished I got some pictures of they're display.If they come close to Cincinnati I'll try to get some pictures and post the link up here.I PROMISE the pictures will be better and they'll be centered (LOL).If your going to the Hukilau October 5-8 let me know and I'll buy you drink.
Finally I want to say thanks to Tiki McStagger (a.k.a.David Krys of D.S.K designs)for making me so mad about his comments that I went out record hunting to blow off some steam and found 15 Exotica,Surf & Calypso records.Now I'm only 2 records short of having the top 50 Exotica records.Tiki McStagger I really like some of your designs especially the Luau Lanterns and the Rocket Martini Shaker on your website.Hell,I might even buy some..Tiki-Tim


Mahalo Tiki-Tim :) Again, my partner, OakTiki, is deserving of a portion of the praise here.

We had been working with a Cannon- Powershot G-3- which I REALLY like for getting low light shots in dim bars. Lots of the earlier pix on sevenpleasures.org came via the powershot (take a look through the Hale Tiki album if you want to see how well it captured low light environments.) But, the powershot being well loved, a bit on the big side, and pretty much obsolete these days, has now become our second camera, or everyday, have on hand kind of camera.

So what did we do? Naturally, we replaced it with something bigger, D'oh! Both OakTiki and I wanted something a bit more familiar from our pre-digital film days (yes, I actually did know my way around a darkroom, once upon a forever ago), and non-Tiki-wise we do a fair amount of photography, so we recently upgraded to a Cannon Rebel XT 8MP. We got a good deal that came with a zoom lens. It's digital, but it looks and feels very much like a real 35mm film camera. Lots of nice features- and we've also invested in some accessories like a wide angle for it that hopefully will arrive before we head down for Hukilau (yup- we're going! You bet I'll take you up on that drink- MAHALO!- but only if you're willing to hang out and talk story!)

Speedcult- look, any artists running around with a scale selling 'art by the pound' is tops in my book! I used to buy 'precious pre-art' supplies at junkyards by the pound!

And as for blowing off steam, and coming back with exotica to show for it? THAT belongs somewhere in the TC FAQ- don't fight it out- go buy some vinyl instead! So much better for the blood pressure!

your all winners yahhh!!!!!?

thanks artfink... i really was just being humourous....didn't realize that some would get their thatch all ruffled over it.......as for speedcult, check out old posts of past chin tiki art show events...these guys have been there at every show and sabina, if you want pics you may find them there or check speedcults website for more cool metal work.....and tiki tim...i'll deal with your goofy ass this weekend at chin tiki.....i know you'll be there cause you always are.......i may even buy you a drink!!!!

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