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I was in the mood for reminiscing this afternoon (Christmas will do that to an old fellow like me) and snooped around the old Tiki Central site at Yahoo Groups. I almost forgot we had a picture archive there and was pleasantly surprised to see that all the pics are still intact!

I enjoyed perusing the old pics, such as the pics of the Trader Vics in Havana, Cuba for example. However, I remember awhile back that someone posted a series of pictures of the tikis and such being moved from the Kahiki when it closed down. Does anybody else remember this? I'd love to see those pics again.

Oh yeah.....remember this?

Who was the artist on this anyway?


YEAH! That's the flyer from the 1st Tiki Central O.C. Crawl. I was actually there! I think the flyer was made by Suicide Sam. He was promoter of the event, I believe.

Wow I thought that yahoo would have deleted it by now

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