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Tiki Road Trip now available for Pre-Order!

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The day has finally arrived!

I have been endlessly and shamelessly plugging my book for the better part of a year on these forums, and if you haven't been completely nauseated by my perpetual self-promotion, then you will be as excited as I am at the news:

Amazon.com is now offering Tiki Road Trip for official pre-order!

Click the link below to secure your copy at 30% off.

Or, go to my web site http://www.tydirium.net and click the appropriate link.

Please note that if you order directly via accessing Amazon through the below link (or the direct link from the Tiki Bar Review Pages or Tydirium.net), it will help me out more so than if you go to Amazon through other channels, or to another book dealer. My initial print-run will be based, largely, on Amazon pre-orders via this EXACT link. Mahalo.

You can also check out a large scan of Shag's amazing cover art, at long last.

Pre-Order Tiki Road Trip at amazon.com right now and save 30%

Thanks for reading this post - and thanks to all Tiki Centralites for their patience with my perpetual plugging...

Mele Kalikimaka!


James Teitelbaum
webmaster: Tiki Bar Review Pages (since 1994)
author: Tiki Road Trip (availablenow for pre-order)
creator: Left Orbit Temple (volume II coming soon!)

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Placed my pre-order! Can't wait to get this book!!!



Pre-ordered mine too! But it's not going to be out until May?? AAAAaaarrgghh! Too long to wait... I WANT IT NOW!!

pre-ordered and having a mai tai to kill the pain of waiting for the book!

Pre-Ordered mine...and now - we play the waiting game.



Not available on Amazon.ca. Waaaah!

OK, I'll just have to have it shipped to the inlaws and drive 4 hours to pick it up!!!

Another order in the bank. Congratulations on being able to offer these early. The cover looks great! If you're gonna be in Ft. Lauderdale next June for the Hukilau, it would be nice get your autograph on this.

I'm on it....

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