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Tiki Christmas gifts

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So what did ya'll get? This was my first year of getting stuff since the tiki bug hit and hit hard. So it was funny seeing what people thought was "tiki". But I did score with alot of stuff such as Subscribition to Tiki News, Night of Tiki, hula swizzle sticks, hula glasses, a tiki mug(not sure which one yet-common yet I had a repro and not the original), tiki knobs, tiki coasters, tiki car odor hanging thing(forget what their called), tiki sign from some guy off ebay with our names Tasha & Scott's Tiki Lounge made out of bamboo and wood, and bought myself Tikifish's clock which came Christmas eve night. And lots of pineapple knick knacks. My mom and dad had a hard time finding Sven's book and had puffer fish lights on the wish list which they thought I was crazy-they just don't know. Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their friends and family!!! Now I'm off to put away the gifts...

Wow, that's alot of tiki you got there divychic! Besides the stuff I bought for myself, I only got one thing tiki this year - a KC company tiki mug from a co-worker. I've been getting less and less tiki every Christmas because the people around me aren't sure what's collectible (the stuff I like) and what's just a simple luau decoration. Even my wife has me pick my own gift!

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Hey PolynesianPop-What's the tiki mug from your signoff at the bottom of your post-the second one from the last. That's the one I've got from my co-worker. I don't know alot of the names yet. It was from Orchids of Hawaii. Also got a tray for carrying drinks that had hula girls on it. I appreciate what all I got but it is funny what people think is Tiki. I think I got a pineapple candle, pineapple bird feeder, pineapple tin candle holder, pineapple trinket box, and cermanic pineapple candle holder. Whew! The Takeover of the Pineapple hits Tasha's house!!!

Hey PolynesianPop-What's the tiki mug from your signoff at the bottom of your post-the second one from the last. That's the one I've got from my co-worker. I don't know alot of the names yet. It was from Orchids of Hawaii.

Divy, that's a Luau Hut mug and yes, it was manufactured by Orchids of Hawaii. Is your's brown? If it's not marked Luau Hut at the base its probably green and marked R-5 on the bottom, which was the part number for that mug.

laney posted on Thu, Dec 26, 2002 9:54 AM

We'll the only tiki I got was what I bought myself-4 lamps.
Just like Polypop, I think people are scared to buy me tiki stuff.
I did get my miter saw I wanted from my ex to start making bamboo frames and lamps. I also got a padded seat massager, heater thing for my computer chair, which will add hours to my ebay habit! Just what I need!
My son got Gameboy Advance and a few games-there's tikis in Pitfall and Spongebob so I guess he got more tiki than me.


We got this cool Tiki Pitcher and some rum that my Mother in Law picked up in the Virgin Islands

Shelley gave me two vintage shirts and made me the hula girl shirt

Shelley got this Tapa purse (she collects them) and this cool NZ carving

Shelley gave me these albums. The Webley Edwards is vintage, unopened, mint with Tiki, Cool.


I got the Night of Tiki book, and I finally got the Grog Log and Intoxica! All from the husband. He also says he ordered some SB mugs from TikiFarm, but they haven't come yet.

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I got two large plastic palm tree swizzle sticks, a copy of the Book of Tiki ( I already have one, but I was psyched nonetheless), Shag's Mai Tai soap, and a box of four colored tiki mugs, and a martini shaped clock and martini earrings with a jeweled olive.


Wow! By the sounds of it, it seems as if alot of ya'll had a great Christmas. Hope everyone else did!

I got this cool miniture tiki party set up from Madam Bong. It's made by 'American Girl' (no comments please) and is extremly detailed. It has this power platform that you plug itsy-bitsy electrical plugs into which light up things like a string of chinese party lanterns, 2 tiny little (4") tiki torches with moai heads on 'em with little flames that light up. AND there are 4 little (3/4 ") tiki mugs with tiny umbrellas and straws, 2- 3" tikis, a table with hawaiiana plates, pineapple napkin holder, bamboo serving plate with skewered stuff on it. Anyway... my GI Joe wants me to set up a party so he can get Barbie drunk on Mai Tais and boink her!

And I also got an original 1940 'Native Arts of the Pacific' map which is the same one right after the front and back cover of BOT (thanks KC).

Either I was good last year or Santa's a dumbshit.


Also thanks PolynesianPop-it's the green one. Also loved the pics that Alnshely posted-great gifts. By the way has anyone gotten a Chimenea, has one or heard anything from their friends? My folks got me one for the backyard-they had to return it back to lowe's because it had a fine crack in it. Well they're out for about a week and the guy said alot get returned back because of cracks. I know you have to have small fires in them or they will crack but not sure if I should just get a metal fire pit? Thanks if anyone has any info.


Although I love my Chiminea (fondly christened PELE) he is clay, and in retrospect I would have gotten a metal one because I have to leave him outside over the winter, which makes him crack due to water getting in the fine cracks and freezing, thereby making cracks bigger. With a metal one you dont have to worry. The only problem is finding one that doesn't look like it belongs at 'Mama's Trattoria' instead of 'Divy's Polynesia'.


I got the Tiki Farm SB in green, and a Moai incense burner.


:( Sadly no Tiki's for me :( But, I did give the gift of Tiki, to those I love. My Tiki Baskets went over bigtime! My son got some Shrinky Dinks in his stocking from Santa. We made Tiki Dinks, they came out pretty cool! And no I wasn't drunk when I made this! :D

here it is next to a lego guy for size reference

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I did a very wise thing before Christmas - I told my parents about Tiki Farm and Munktiki. They totally hooked me up!! I got a Mad Marq and Hothead mug from Tiki Farm and a Chunk, Ripples and all 4 of the Munktiki Easter Island mugs (in various states of excavation). They also got me a cool vintage looking Hawaiian shirt. I was floored! My wife obviously had something to do with it - she must have told them what I have and what I didn't have!


My Sis got me a set of four tiki mugs by an outfit called "Twos Company." ( I checked out their website they seem to be more trendy than tiki) The mugs are cool looking though. My Mom picked me up a few monkey candle holders and gave me some cash to put torward a new uke or surfboard. My Wahine got me CD from The Belairs, but it got miplaced before I even got it open (DAMMIT). Other than that all was cheerful. I hope everybody had a great holiday. Happy New year to all y'all.

Hello all! I got a copy of James Michener's "Hawaii" and a CD of Martin Denny's"Forbidden Island & Primitiva" which I must say sent me into spasms of orgiastic pleasure!


My dear, sweet, beautiful wife went through a lot of trouble to get me a genuine Maori tiki house panel I'd picked out from Journey Creations in Rorotonga, New Zealand...well, we got it, 250.00 shipped, it looks damned fine at first glance with pau shell eyes and very elaboratley carved, about 31 x 26 inches, until you get up close and realize that the thing is carved on (get this) furniture grade particle board! You have to look close to tell, but the one I just carved on cherry gives me less heebie jeebies...But maybe I am too much of a perfectionist....it is still decoratively very nice and quite impressive. My wife has given me permission to trade with pals or send back....I'm just gonna hold on to it till I find someone who needs a bigger wall piece...it rates close to the ones in the Omni Hut for appearance and sure beats the heck out of the blow-molded jobs. I'll trade for some choice dupe mugs if anyone has extras....let me know, guys and gals, and we'll work something out.

A black Moai mug from, "The Tiki's" and a really cool monkey /palm tree candle holder with a coconut flavored candle. But I got a karaoke machine from the in-laws so I was already in seventh heaven before any of the tiki gifts arrived.

I got a candle that looks like a pineapple and is scented "tropical". All in all a very good haul!

PJ posted on Fri, Dec 27, 2002 5:55 AM

My awesome sister gave me a Tikifarm
Suffering Bastard mug. Can't complain.


Thanks Tikifish-I quess I'll go metal but will search for the right one! And WOW TikiBong that sounds as if your gift took a very long time to make and find stuff for-send a pic if you can.


Tiki_Bong-I had to look up American Girl to see if they had that on their website. AWESOME! How she find that-enjoy!


I have 2 daughters so my wife is very familiar with American Girl. In addition, my girls are white/Asian and American Girl makes bi-racial dolls.

Tiki_Bong wrote:
...In addition, my girls are white/Asian and American Girl makes bi-racial dolls.

White/Asian? I thought they were 100% Tiki!

Santa was good to me, I got this xmas a big easter island head lamp from my sister in-law and from the wife the tiki farms tiki-soap dish and tooth brush holder, a tiki car air freshner, the Homer Simpson hula doll that sings "Tiny Bubbles" and the Shag Part 2003 Calendar.

A Tiki-tastic Crimbo!!

Russell and his Cuzin' Wallace got matching sarongs!


I got new mugs, swizzles, and booze!

So no trade takers on my Journey Creations panel? (I picked it out; so it's in the "safe" zone marriagewise!) I'd love for someone cool to have it...it's sort of a blonde/maple kind of color with a big Maori tiki.

I got the book "Night of The Tiki", a really cool 2003 calendar called "Tiki Drinks" (every month has a picture of classic tiki mugs in an exotic setting with a drink recipe at the bottom). My niece gave me a set of 70's era bongos (metalflake gold) and Mrs S. got me a "mini" conga (playable, but not loud enough to drive everybody crazy) looks good on the bar.

Well, my X-mas was groovy, but more importantly, on X-mas morning my teeny wahine and I were out delivering gifts and I saw a mid 70's dark green convertable sedan (no this wasn't the good part) with a 7-8 foot Ku on top. It was HUGE! Either foam or resin. Half a block away from it my daughter says,"NO! NO! NO! Mom we are delivering gifts and that one is not for you. You must be strong. Keep driving." So I did. But I ask myself, "Who could have been that nice, without a moment of naughty?" Anyone know?

I got a rock!

Oh, wait a minute. That was Halloween!!

Block head!!!

Actually, I got time to spend with my wife and kids!! Best gift ever!! Now, back to Bamboo.(work)

Today I think I got the best Christmas gift of all. While tearing up the garage to put away the Xmas goodies I found a lot of cool stuff I didn't know I had anymore. Found an old Angel's pennet from the early '60's when they were called the California Angels and all the discarded hardware from my '65 Fender P-Bass.


Let me guess, the P-bass hardware you found was the cover on the bridge you took off years ago to make it look 'cooler'. I did the same years ago when bass was my main ax.


Wow, I didn't get anything. :(

But with all the shopping I've been doing lately on ebay and in Sand Diego last week, I suppose I've had my fun.


Wow! What a cool topic!

My wife tried very hard all year to get me tiki stuff, but usually gave it to me immediately because she was so excited to find anything at all.

She did surprise me with the 'Hula Girls and Tiki Gods' book. (I loved that!). She also found a couple of unique drink stirs and a single mug (which I did not have the heart to tell her had a hairline crack in it. But hey, who cares, right?)

My brother actually tried hard to give me a Tiki Christmas. I got a tiki magnet and some tiki boxer shorts.
But he worked on a very unique gift of his own which was a shelf he made and on it he glued an autographed picture of Tom Selleck in his Magnum pi get up, a coconut mug with drink stir, a plastic pineapple and a Magnum pi Matchbox car on top of its box. Also with this present he had a certificate of authenticity (of course) and an original manuscript of the first Magnum episode. Oh, and a Samarui Grog mug...not exactly tiki, but to the non-tiki collector, they all look alike. And I did not have one anyway.
It was all very cool.

I hope eveyone else had a wonderful holiday. I have been very busy with the typical year end crap that traditionally boggs me down... and occasionally tries to kill me.
When I get some time, I'd like to catch up on all of these neat posts.

Happy Holidays!
(As my little gay buddy always says:) "Celebrate frequently...Celebrate Safely"

...or something along those lines.

Ah hell, Happy New Year Everyone!


Right you are mate. Also got that usless piece of metal that covered the split pick-up. I'm toying with the idea of installing them on my '98 P-Bass. It already looks kind of retro with a T.V. special off-white finish & white pick guard, but I'm going to have to have my mind pretty made up before I start drilling holes in my bass. Twenty-five years ago I wouldn't have thought twice about taking the whole thing apart, stripping it down to the bare wood, refinishing it and putting back together anyway I wanted it.

oh yeah a little late...oops
uh i received from tiki santa a moai mug with the lava rock texture from munktiki. also the tiki wall holder from munktiki. that stuff is top notch and original.

oh yeah i didn't get any flavored candles, but then i don't feel like eating candles, unles i have a hangover.

thank you....don't drive thru


Well I guess I was good. Because between Christmas and my birthday being a few days later I scored . Of course my wife throwing me a tiki/Hawaiian birthday party didn't hurt. I got two Shag Hawaiian shirts, three Shag t-shirts, 1 Shag hat, the Shag cocktail soap set, Shag surf trunks, (my wife and I hit the Shag warehouse sale a couple of weeks before christmas) a bottle of Sailor Jerry's rum, a set of Tiki Farm Maori mugs, a tiki drink calendar, a hula girl lamp, a moari tissue dispenser, a bamboo tray set from House of Tiki, the Night of Tiki book (another one), and oter not quite tiki things but stuff for the bar, which had it's opening night on my birthday to rave reviews of family and friends. Thanks to all.

Well I was rather disappointed not to get anything vaguely Tiki for Christmas, but my wife has made up for it by getting me a fantastic birthday present. She arranged for a co-worker to bring me back a couple of Maori/Tiki masks back from New Zealand! I can't post photos yet as my birthday isn't for a month, but I had a sneak peak at 'em and they look terrific. Wahey!

Trader Woody

that sounds great! i love making unique gift baskets too. it's just different from the ready made ones in the stores.

Sooo, what tiki related gifts did people receive this year? I got a CD of More of the Best of Arthur Lyman. I also got a small tiki candle holder, made by my friend who is into pottery and has a kiln. Its a terrific gift that I LOVE. In the non tiki area I got a few items of note, a "crime music" lounge cd called The Crime Scene, a 4 DVD set of Bogie and Bacall classics and book on film noir.

Make mine a mai tai!

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My sister gave me a big box full of mugs - she collected them, then got bored with Tiki and has been gifting all her mugs to me! I haven't even unpacked all the mugs she gave me LAST Xmas! I guess I need a few shelves!

I got a tissue box holder shaped like a horizontal Moai....you pull the tissues out of his nose. My wife got me a tiki shower curtain and floor mat and a gift card for Woodcraft. they have great wood carving tools.....and of course a Tki Bar, always open license plate. Put it right on the truck.
Happy New Year Tikiphiles!

So, what did ya get this year??

I woke up early cause my dog Pepper was out sniffing the stockings.

The mantel was sporting a Tiki Bob stocking from Tobunga

and some Tiki ornaments from Polynesiac

I got some nice Tiki boxers

And a hand painted palm stalk in a cool aloha shirt bag from my son.

Merry Christmas TC.


I was all set for a frugal "I have everything I need" adult Christmas, when, through the generosity of several Tiki Santas, I received this bounty:

Unspeakably cool Tiki resin lamp by Roger and Wendy, from WestaADad

This classic Tiki Mod wall carving entitled "Cubstikologist", by and from LeRoy Schmaltz

An ethnographic photo book I did not have yet (!?), from my wife Naomi

AND I felt fortunate to find a unique gift for my wife - (phew!):

PLUS I got to again experience (and film) my favorite X-mas extravaganza, the CHRISTMAS CAROLING TRUCK!:


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We got Crazy Al for Christmas!


Too freakin fun and funny!!!

Good times.


A box of 4 ceramic Tiki mugs and the excellent book, Waikiki Tiki, as well as wet-stuff but not Tiki, book on 60s-70s surfing culture.

Last year it was a real puffer fish lamp!

What great daughters!

AND a tres hip tropical print shirt with WW II bomber aircraft from an ultra-thoughtful cousin!


While it may not be 100% Tiki per se, I did get a very cool brand new ukelele along with a bunch of Hawaiian song sheets. Now I can bust out some "Sweet Leilani" in between batches of Mai Tais!

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