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I know from the old Yahoo board there were a few survivor geeks in the group besides me, but I've been surprised ot see no mention of it since. I myself am a little dissapointed at the lack of tiki in the game, though it does pop up often, it just aint often enough for me.


The dinner that Sean and Pappy went on with the islanders was awesome. The girls in real grass skirts and the pig and the guys with their traditional tattoos. I wish I'd taped that one.

Kiliki and I (and daughter Makalina) are big Survivior watchers. This one has been an extra special treat.

At first we wanted to be there, but now, seeing everyone covered in bug bites, I don't know. I guess you need lots of repellant!

TikiFish you had to get a kick out of the last immunity event. Where the Tiki was buried in sand by the broken tiles. My 3 year old daughter, Leilani said, "the Tiki is all gone" when it was covered.


Ever behind the times I saw my first episode of "Survivor" tonight (a sister and brother-in-law were visiting and had to watch the big conclusion). My review: Humans bad, Tikis GREAT! So many high quality Tiki carvings...I was filled with covetous thoughts. The lingering shots of the sniveling humans filthy faces were driving me crazy because I wanted to see more Tiki. I noticed they had these Tiki head Tiki torches which looked as if they were modeled after the torch on page 184 of The Book of Tiki (or maybe they were actual vintage torches like the one pictured).

In my head I've erased the "Survivor" creatures from the set, added some tables, swell peoples with cool drinks, and excellent Polynesian and Exotica entertainers.

Props (including Tiki's) will be auctioned to raise money for pediatric AIDS on ebay. Check the home page.

Pages: 1 4 replies