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Aloha, members of the Denver tiki tribe.

My name is ZuluMagoo, creator and publisher of the Rocky Mountain Tiki Newsletter. This thread is open to all news and information as it relates to local tiki happenings, events, etc.

If you would like to subscribe to the free newsletter (published via email as a .pdf file), drop me an email at RockyMountainTiki at yahoo.com


Here is a photo from Tiki Fink Theatre a few weeks. I shot this from behind the group, "It Came From Hell" is showing on the movie screen in front. It was a very entertaining interactive evening with good friends, great drinks and lots of heckeling.

Thanks again Fink for hosting a fantastic event.


Saturday, October 21st, 2006

The Rocky Mountain Tiki Newsletter presents:
"Tiki on the Town" - A Night at the Original Castaways!

Road trip to Colorado's lost and forgotten tiki establishment - The Original Castaways (www.castaways.com). Opened in 1971, this hidden gem, still displaying it's original decor, is nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak in Manitou Springs, just a quick 1 hour drive south of Denver. If you have not visited The Castaways, it is definitely worth the short drive (only 60 miles).

Join us for dinner, drinks, friends and fun! For those who wish to make it an overnight trip, or don't want to drive home after a few tiki drinks, there are hotel rooms available at the adjacent Castaways Hotel.

Meet at 4:30 in the parking lot of the Red Robin restaurant at the Park Meadows Mall (I-25 and County Line Road)to carpool. The Red Robin is located on the east side of the mall in the outer parking lot. Maps and directions to the Castaways will be available then. The carpool convoy will leave at 4:45, so don't be late. We will be arriving at the Castaways around 6:00ish.

Please RSVP to ZuluMagoo so I can get a general headcount for this event. Aloha - See you all there.

The ZuluMobile minivan has room for 4-5 carpool passengers and we will be screening Elvis in 'Blue Hawaii' on the DVD player during the trip. Should be fun.


Sounds fantastic!! We are definitely in! Any excuse to Tiki and go to Manatou is a good one! Thanks for putting this together!


[ Edited by: Tiki Fink 2006-09-18 10:41 ]

sounds like alotof fun!
Wish I had time to git on down that way!


I also put this in the other thread, I'm putting it here too.
I've put it everywhere in the past before I got married, cause I was just a TRAMP!
Anyway, I'd like to know of any Colo. tiki artists besides myself and Doppleganger Studios for a Winter/spring show party I'd like to do.
P.m. if ya know of any others and we'll get drunk and look at art!

Luv yer guts......Mr. Dale

p.s. Zulu.....prints of yer flyers would be great too!

"Somedays I'm an Artist. Other days I'm just a poo flinging monkey"

---Happy Skull-ptures---

[ Edited by: Mr. Dale 2006-09-20 11:46 ]

Helz posted on Wed, Sep 20, 2006 3:41 PM

Mr. Dale,

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet but definitely am looking forward to the opportunity. I by no means consider myself an artist but I think it might be fun to at least try to do something, and I'm sure I could talk Pop into it too.

Pop's stuff

My messings...

...If nothing else, I could lend you my big Bob.

[And by posting on this thread v. the other one, I am in no way being partisan or involved in this little spat, I just don't want to post twice...and...well nevermind]

[ Edited by: HelzTiki 2006-09-20 15:41 ]


Right on Helz......
I've seen your stuff before on 'creating' but I never noticed your location. Thats great news.
I don't know when or where just yet, its an idea just hatching in my bald skull, but I'll figure it out and let you know. Could you p.m. yer phone # or something and I'll make sure you are included. This is gonna be great!
Thanks, Mr. Dale

Hey Helztiki- the carvings are great and the large Tiki Bob is awesome. My wife now wants one!! We definitely need to visit your tiki lounge soon to visit him!



My old gallery is going to close and my next art show was thereby cancelled. I would love to do some work for a Tiki show. Just wonderin' where you are thinking about doing this.


Dale - I am taking care of your 5' moai (tiki #4? from your collection) that you carved for TikiBill. He is available for a show and would look great back with your other carvings.

Bill also has several larger carvings from C.C. Rider (but he is from the Palm Springs area) that would look great.



I have vrey good Denver art scene connections and even if we have to buy a show spot it would be cool to do this on Santa Fe Blvd. This way we can have exposure on first Friday. Who knows, there may be a way to get the Art Bus involved with a mobile luau.

Let's seriously discuss!!!


[ Edited by: Tiki Fink 2006-09-23 19:47 ]


Whoa.....this is cool.....it was just an idea forming itself into a plan. But now its gonna go.
I was thinking January or Feb. What ya all think? That would give enough time for me and everyone else to get stuff done. It takes a LOT longer now.
Santa Fe or Tennyson First Friday would be great, and yeah, even if we have to rent that would o.k. But from past experiences it brings liquor laws and insurance and stuff into the thing. But something will happen by then.
Also, I was thinking just Colo. stuff. Theres enough tiki art in the rest of the world without them moving in here. Okie Doke? I like em all, but I like us better.

[ Edited by: Mr. Dale 2006-10-04 11:16 ]

Helz posted on Sat, Sep 30, 2006 2:40 PM


It's not really a tiki lounge, just a twinkle in my eye at this point, but soon (Thus the current name of "The UNenchanted Tiki Room"). But even if, you're definitely welcome to come on over and meet Bob..


I've talked to Pop a bit and he thinks he'd be up for it, and I'm not sure I'm of that caliber, but I'd give it a run, so let me know

and Aloha to all the other Denver folks!

Helz - I sent you a PM with my cell phone number. Give me a call when you and Rita are down at the Hukilau and we could get together for a drink in the Wreck Bar. We have tickets for the early seating on Sat. nite at the Mai Kai, when are you guys going? We will also be spending some time at the Hukilau merchandise booth in the Bazaar as volunteers.



I sure wish we were going to join the fun in Florida. Just not going to happen this year. Have an extra dozen or so Mai Tais for me eh?

Hope everyone has an unbelievable time!!!



Yeah, ya all have fun.....I'll be here changing diapers!
Maybe drinking rum thinking about ya.
"Well yeah baby, that looked like her butt, it was dark ya know, so I put it on there"
"That wasn't her butt honey, those weren't legs, they were arms! %$#^&^*(!!!!!!!!

Helz.....I think what ever we have at the time, we'll show. Its not gonna be all stuffy and snooty. Just like the old tiki bars we put up whatever we have. And I think yer stuff is great!
Hopefully Fink or I or somebody can find a place that will let us loose and do it the way we want.
Its not my show, its OURS, if ya all have ideas or want to do something different just let it out. I'm easy. Or so it says on the bathroom walls.


Hey Fink!!!!! Now we both have 174 posts......strange huh?
October is creepy!



Many very good galleries are booked at least six months out, unless there is something unforseen. If you don't mind, I will start to look into openings.



Totally......whatever you can do. I was just keeping and eye peeled for usable spaces. An actual gallery would be great. Gonna be on Tennyson tomorrow. See whats around.



My first choice is Sliding Door Gallery @ 554 Santa Fe. Next to Capsule Events Center.

For all of you Dcnver area folks, the Denver Art Museum opened up its new wing and there is a nice but small selection of Papau New Guinea Tiki items on display. One great chair and a shield and house carving piece that are really nice. Fun to see some real Oceanic art.


Half and half laugh and laugh. Who needs to be polite. What is the benefit of importance. I personally do not need to double post anything. This thread was created so as to avoid ownership. There is something to be said for Tiki in historical terms. There are those who seek to preserve the grand traditions and those who have found a way to leverage some kind of political and social adgenda for whatever reason.

There has got to be something better to do than to try to dominate a culture that is vastly misunderdtood.

Sure it's all in fun, but when the longboards meet the surf it is not too dificult to determine the difference between Tiki and Tacky.

I still love ya Dale and Matterhorn


[ Edited by: Tiki Fink 2006-10-08 15:20 ]

Hey Fink-

I am just doing my best Switzerland imitation!



My verbosity is going to get me cooked in a big ol' native stew pot.




How was Hukilau?? Diein'ta know.. Have any pics?

Sure hope you had a swell time!!!


I have been to 5 of the 6 Tiki Oasis events out in California, and had a blast at every one of them. However, this Hukilau blew all of those away!

We spent some time volunteering at the Hukilau merchandise booth in the bazaar and it was great to meet lots of old TC friends and make new ones. I picked up one of the Mai Kai 50th Anniversary/Hukilau mugs and they are beautiful.

We ran into Helztiki and family several times. Jason really loaded up on some great vintage aloha shirts.

Friday night party at the Bahia Mar was awesome. King Kukulele, the Intoxicators, Charles Phoenix's slide show, and then APE with Billy Mure. APE live is something to see with Crazy Al carving on stage. Billy is 91 and was jamming his guitar with the band to his 1950s Hawaiian arrangements!

The Saturday afternoon presentations were great. We caught the tail end of Beachbum Berry mixing cocktails and giving history lessons. But we grabbed a seat as Sven started his slideshow with a preview of his new book and lots of classic shots that did not make it into the final version of the Book of Tiki.

Saturday night, 50th Anniversary celebration party at the Mai Kai!!! There is simply not a restaurant or bar left that can compare to the Mai Kai. It is a tiki temple to the 10th power. Alissa and I were there 10 years ago on our honeymoon, but the place has gotten better with age. Bands playing throughout the restaurant and the Molokai Bar, the Polynesian floor show, the excellent food and pupus, all the people sitting at your table dressed in vintage aloha dress and enjoying it every bit as much as you are, and the drinks! Everything about the Mai Kai is classic, but the tropical drinks are the icing on the cake. At the party I paced myself for the 5.5 hours we were there and enjoyed: Samoan Grog (2), Hidden Pearl, Cobra Kiss, Mai Tai, Tahitian Breeze and Kona Coffee Grog. They were all wonderful, but my favorite was the Cobra Kiss followed by the Samoan Grog in a close second place.

I have some great memories from tiki friends, parties, events and places I've been, but last weekend tops the list.

Speaking of great times, 'A Night at the Castaways' down in Manitou Springs is only about a week away (Sat. Oct 21st). I am looking forward to that evening, it should be a lot of fun.



Did ya know????

Is Manatou Springs the Wicca capitol of Colorado? Very Haloweenie!!!! So Tikitober.


[ Edited by: Tiki Fink 2006-10-20 21:34 ]

Woke up this morning with a few inches of snow on the front lawn. No problem. A Night at the Castaways is still on for this evening. I'll be at the carpool meet at 4:30 this afternoon.


Helz posted on Sat, Oct 21, 2006 7:34 AM

Zulu, Fink et. al.

Sorry that Rita and I won't be able to join you all this evening, sounds like a great time. So hoist one for me, and we'll catch ya next time around.

Z, great seeing ya in FL, hope you had as much fun as we did.



Very much looking forward to the trip to Manatou. Never seen The Castaways. Should be good times!!



I am perfectly aware that there has been a post on this lost Tiki gem, but The Castaways has some amazing atributes. There is a pirate's treasure, a captain's table ( with fire blazing out of a pile of quartz crystal, under what once was a ship's boiler ), private tiki hut for six, awsome Tikis and a cool indoor water feature. Opon our leaving there was an Old Timer playing some very creepy standards on keyboard whilst singing. If I had it my way, I would have jest set theer and gotten tanked to his David Lynch esque musical stylings, but alas... It was time to depart. Shit........ I was jonesing for wacko wierd...

Nonetheless, Zulu in his higher wisdom delivered our party safely home.

THANKS!! Good times!!

I gotta go back. Maybe on Peyote!!!!!


[ Edited by: Tiki Fink 2006-10-23 08:44 ]

[ Edited by: Tiki Fink 2006-10-23 08:45 ]

Hey all- sorry I could not make it. Too much to do around the house after getting back from a business trip. Sounds like a good time was had.

Any news on when the new Hula restaurant is opening?

Hey Patrick - we missed you and Joyce last weekend, wondered where you were?

It was a small group this trip, but we had a great time. We all car pooled in the minivan and had Elvis in 'Blue Hawaii' playing on the DVD player down and back. The restaurant was empty (tourist season over) but we had the private tiki hut to ourselves. It was worth the short drive. We will do it again next year.

I had coffee last week with the owner of 'The Hut' and they were supposed to start interior demolition and construction last week (Oct. 11th). They are hoping to be open by xmas. They have asked for our input (i.e., any and all suggestions and recommendations), including the name. 'The Hut' is not set in stone and they may change it if something better comes along. Any recommendations?

They are also planning on having a pre-opening party when the time comes and are planning on inviting all tikiphiles here in town to test the food, drinks, and decor. I'll keep everyone updated.


Helz posted on Mon, Oct 23, 2006 7:48 PM

Rita and I are really sad we couldn't make it...So where's the pics?!?!


Ok Bad news today My Fiance lost her job today. the good news is she is not loosing it until the end of the year but this does mean big changes.

I'm going to have to stop Tattooing for a little wile. at this time she going to get a new (probably less paying) job. we want to stay in the Denver Colorado aria but her work will probably not allow it. I'm just not making enough to support us both at the level we are now (just eking by)

So I'm going to have the a new job just for a bit.

But you all can help by Buying my art (most of it cheaply) or if you are in the Boulder, Denver aria com get some tattoo work that would be super cool

If you want some art just send me a message and I'll quote you a price
You can see the art for sale at my http://j-lew2021.deviantart.com/gallery/

thanks for all your help

P.S. Buy some art... Please


Hey there!!!

Anyone from Denver thinking about going to Atomic Frolic???

Very Very tempting since we will be in Utah, damn near half way there at that time.


How'd ya like to spend Xmas on Xmas Island? Would ya like ta hang yer stockin' on a big ol' coconut tree?

Hey all you all!!! There is a happening at Tiki Fink's shack on Xmas night. We call it the Xmas Night Wino Wind Down. Bring yourself and a decent bottle of wine! We got fun food and shwag for all! Definitely RSVP to me via Email [email protected] or PM here on TC!!

Over and out!



Well, since there is absolutely no Tiki relevant content on the freakin' " Ohana " TM. thread, I won't feel so bad about this. The Tiki Finks will be celebrating New Years Eve in and around the Cruise Room and El Chapultapec. Anyone want to meet for drinks?????

Come on you Modern Drunkards....


Hey Fink -

Agreed, it's been very slow around here lately with the holidays and such. But the bamboo is flying fast and furious (well sort of) over here at the Kona Luanii as I try to get it finished and open for guests by late winter (feb/mar ish). It's coming along nicely, but I have not updated any pics lately on the Kona Luanii progress thread.



Hey ya Fink.....we always try to hit the cruise room around Christmas at least once. Its hard this year with the baby being only 7 months old. Thanks for the invite.
So back at ya all.....A bunch of us are going to the Ghost Train Christmas at the Oriental Theatre Sat. the 23rd. Ya all are invited. We are going to meet in front of Parisi's about 7:15 and get pizza there or "tiki" drinks at Swing Thai.
Then stumble over to the Oriental......A few western swing / rockabilly bands.....Fashion show and what not. A good time will be had by all. Let me know......I'll keepa eye out for ya if ya tell me what ya look like!


Everyone is invited to the Tiki Fink Shack today to build the world's largest SNOAI!!!!!! Hurry on over now!

Oh yea. And Bring lots of alchiehol!!!!!!!!!


Helz posted on Thu, Dec 21, 2006 8:52 PM


Sounds like a blast, IF I COULD GET THERE!!!

Hey All!

Best New Year wishes for you! I am hoping that next year we will have our very own Tiki bar to invade in the big night.

Till then I hope you all Wang Chung tonight!!!!


[ Edited by: Tiki Fink 2006-12-31 10:30 ]


It's all beginning to make sense now.. Just got the scoop from Otto on TO7, as I am sure many of you have as well. So.. Who is going? I am pretty damned sure Zulu is in. The Tiki Finks are practically there already. Sounds like this event is really going to jell this year. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!



Very exciting announcement from Fink Central. DEADBOLT.. The Scariest band in the world, will be playing at Bender's Tavern here in Denver on Saturday and Sunday nights, March 10 - 11.

We were fortunate enough to catch them in San Diego during Oasis 6 and several other TCers including the infamous Chongolio were there to enjoy the show. In fact, Chongolio made this a part of his Oasis 6 podcast. For those of you unfamiliar with Deadbolt, they are a brooding, surfcentric, 60's B movie horror, musical funfest that is not to be missed.

Moreover, I will be hosting a pre-show shindig prior to the gig on Sunday. I will send out a reminder but as usual, RSVP via TC message or email me.

Went to Tahiti on vacation.. In the jungle I found a TIKI MAN!!!

You have to be nuts to miss this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ Edited by: Tiki Fink 2007-01-13 21:09 ]



At first I was kidding because I know that there was no way that anyone was going out in a storm. Now this is crazy. Does anyone want to get together to make an enormous SNOAI, or snow Tiki that we can post here for posterity? This is an abnormal occurance of snow and if we don't take advantage of it, it is a lost opportunity. I will supply liquid inspiration. Someone answer to this. The Denver thread has gone dormant. Time to wake up!!! I know there is a new newsletter in the making. Let's make share some winter Tiki with the world!!!!!!


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