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Tiki store in Santa Cruz

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I finally went into a store named "The Zen Trading Post" (located on 41st Ave in Santa Cruz right next door to S.C. Skate Shop.) I was surprised to find they had a nice collection of hawaiiana and quite a few tiki mugs from the Tiki Farm. Not to mention plenty of lucky bamboo along with other tropical delights. I am going back this weekend to pick up a green
"Kulapepeaio" mug. I have not found many places in Santa Cruz that caterer to the tiki afficianado so I am stoked. The only problem is that I live a stones throw away and I might not have the will power to keep myself from spending all my holiday $$$ in there.

Why do they call it "Lucky Bamboo" when it ain't even from the damn Bamboo family!!!?

The people responsible for the name are probably the same folks who gave us "Grape Nuts" and the "Tasmainian Tiger"


Hey Chongolio, that's a great place you're talking about. My wife has been buying my birthday gifts from there for the last few years. I need to be careful when I'm in that neighborhood though, or I'll spend all my money. I bought my Dyno Kruiser from the Family Cyclery, it's easy to spend alot on sushi at the Pink Godzilla, and of course The Zen Trading Post will help deplete funds as well.

Now if only they would put a Tiki bar on that block. Or anywhere in S.C. Takura on the westside has been claiming they are now a tiki bar. But I have not seen any change in there Japanese decor and NO TIKIS. How can it be a tiki bar if there are no tikis? Maybe Takura is also responsible for "Lucky Bamboo," "Grape Nuts," and the "Tasmanian Tiger" nomenclature.


Kumai! Kumai! Ka nalu nou mai Kahiki mai, Alo poi pu! Ku mai ka pohuehue, Hue! Kaiko Loa.

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Now if only they would put a Tiki bar on that block.


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