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Beachcomber book

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I ordered the new Don the Beachcomber book at the beginning of April along with the latest Don Tiki CD from Amazon and both were back ordered until mid-May. Now I get an e-mail from Amazon saying the book is back ordered until mid-August. Has anyone else had better success with Barnes & Noble or elsewhere? I don't want to cancel my order and end up waiting another two or three months.


Try Booklines Hawaii. I ordered it from them and got it in less than a week. Amazon sucks.



I bought it from amazon about a month ago, and it only took a week. Strange. It's got some good pix and interesting stories, but it reopens the whole Mai Tai thing again.

Also has a much different Zombie recipe than the Beachbum's


The Beachcomber book and the new Don Tiki CD arrived today, so I don't know why the "months of delay message" was sent by Amazon in the first place. Anyway a quick listen to the new CD was pleasing, but I will need to thoroughly absorb its sonic qualities next weekend while smoking a cigar and sipping an appropriate tropical drink -- which will not be the Zombie recipe in the Beachcomber book because it is too complex for my modest bar.
On other aspects of the book, I really like the way it is layed out and there are many wonderful photos and tales about Don, but A) many of the artifacts (objects) used to illustrate the book are repetitive and definitely not up to BOT standards B) there is no information about THAT WOMAN which would have helped complete the story.

Pages: 1 3 replies