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The Forbidden Door....

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Well, I figure I have been holding back for a while now... in sharing a picture or two of my home bar and its story.

First I will say that I have been into Tiki stuff since I was about 10 when I first went to Hawaii... our trip to the Polynesian center on the island had a huge impact since I have since then been fascinated with Tiki culture, carvings, etc... however my collection was limited to about 6 or so wooden carved Tikis and my a couple photos of hula dancers.

Bringing us to the present day... I recently aquired a new Brother-in-law, who just happens to be TikiHula! So knowing him for the past couple years has been a lot of fun and gotten me even more interested in the Tiki life.

So since November or so of last year I have been working on my own home bar... aptly named The Forbidden Door! Why you ask? Well the bar I got off of craigslist seems to have been made out of a door. I will take more pics and add them as time goes by to this thread, but take my word for it, the front of my bar seems to be a carved door... strange but true.

So over this year I have collected a few mugs, some random Tiki art, been trying to make my own hanging lamps, and even got a piece of Witco. I hope you enjoy my crappy pics... either way, blame TikiHula!

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Blowfish has become on only an excellent tiki bar decorator, but an accomplished bartender. He recently invented a drink called the Kauaiian High that is nothing short of nui nui goodness! Here's to more tiki drinks and tiki bar decor!

Hey Blowfish! Welcome, again! :) The bar looks to be shaping very nicely. I look forward to having a Kauaiian High while viewing the door/bar. Very interesting. Party at your house! :)


...and here is a virtual Kauaiian High to wet your thirst...

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