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befor & after pics of Don da Beach huts + xtra pics

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GECKO posted on Fri, Dec 27, 2002 9:21 PM

Howzit peopo! anuda friday is here so dat means a night at da kine fo me, LaMariana . and fo my friends wen staying home tonight in der own little paradise shack....these pics are fo u guys. Enjoy your evening...ALOHA!

the rights of dis pic belongs to Phobe Beach.
This is Don The Beach in his Treehouse for 2 restaurant in the International market place...Then

Unfortunatly this beautiful place is no longer here as you can see in this picture.

The only thing left of that once great place is these brackets that once supported the tree house. as you can see the tree is growing over da brackets.

the rights of this pic belong to Phobe Beach.
This was another great looking spot owned by Don the Beach, called the Colonels Plantation. Classic A-frame......befor


view from da side

two old Moais holding up the A-frame. I don't know wen these wer added ya. they wer repainted recently look like.

da book I get da pictures from is a great book for you tropical drink masters. It's called "Hawai'i Tropical Rum Drinks & Cuisine
by Don the Beachcomber" I really need to get a hold of Miss Beach to just talk story one day.

the rest are pics around the international market place here in Waikiki.

see this termite infected tiki at the top the international Market Place(IMP) welcome sign? Well I know one of the vendors that sell here and they told me that there is a room upstairs that is not rented out and has all of the Vintage South Sea art that was used in the IMP since wayyyyyyyyyy Back! He said Large Tikis, mask, story boards, weapons etc etc just laying on the floor. Some termite infected! all they have to do is have an auction!

Large KavaKava Man from Rapa Nui(easter island).

this tiki is hangon on by a pole. This tiki is at Dukes Lane.

well thats all of da IMP. Next pics is of a tiki I just wen finis carvin yestaday. I made da bottom da same way we make our drums here on da islands. It's hollowed out.

Sorry no mo pics! I like go already! Shoots!

GECKO posted on Fri, Dec 27, 2002 9:26 PM

the first pic of da tree house neva show up. here it is.


Boy, Gecko, I sure am glad you found a wayto post pics! Thanks for taking the time to share these -- as usual, they're fantastic. At its peak, how many tiki restaurants were in the International Marketplace?

The best tiki bar is the one that's within stumbling distance of your bed
The Humuhumu Room

[ Edited by: Humuhumu on 2002-12-27 22:19 ]

What was the price on that new carving?

Let me know.
[email protected]

Gecko, I like the photos and especially the tiki. I love that idea on the base, I just put some final touches on a hollowed tiki piece. It's worth the extra effort though.

Howzit, Gecko! Whassup? I jes' propose to my wahine...uh...I tink she said yes...ennyways, We going go Maui fo da honeymoon and start plannin' fo da baby luau! You know da kine...we also like go La Mariana on Oahu if you up fo it...plenny time fo plan...not til November...we like talk story wit you! I'll let you know...also we wan' get matching tiki tatoos, so you start looking around fo us, eh? Mahaloz, Grey

I just love it when you post pics. Makes me want to go to the Islands bad! Keep 'em coming! There's a chance my wahine and I will be on Oahu in April. Maybe we can hook up for a drink at La Mariana's.

Great pics, Adrian: Shelley, the Family Bong and I will be in Oahu on April 19-22. when are you and Lizzette going?. La Mariana here we come.

Dynamite photos, dynamite carving!

GECKO posted on Thu, Jan 2, 2003 8:55 PM

Howziiiit peopo!

I'm glad u like da pics. I don't mind sharing what we enjoy, I love seeing other peopo's pics on here too! Since u like dem, here are some from that evening at da Marianas.

two much wine for this wahine! no, actually if any of u ever come here on a friday you will see this session. it's a great song that makes u laugh at the end.

the old Tahitian Lanai piano player that played there for many years now plays at lamarians. The whole group you see in the pictures(The regulars) all use to sing at the Tahitan Lanai untill it closed then they moved to La Mariana along with a lot of the decor.

bradda Jesse and me. Jesse workin on some spotted geckos. make sure u try that drink if you visit. Not all da bar men have it down yet but they are practicin'
See my new mug. It's da Bali Hai NO version of tiki bob. Mahaloz to SullTiki fo da trade!

my wahine drunk off dem dam spotted geks!

this next pic came out blurry cuz my wahine thought she was seeing clear afta all da drinks....WARNING: consumption of spotted geckos impairs your ability to see!!!

Now does anybody know what the tikitrader guy looks like? is this him? He was sitting at the end of the bar with the trader vic martini glass and came up to me when he seen me drinking out of the bali hai mug. He said he owns 300 mugs. he's not a tc member. he didn't talk much...? seemed like a nice guy. I don't think he's tiki trader. La Mariana is thinkin about getting some mugs to sell as souven...i'm not even goona try fo spell dat! Me and Mike da manager talked about it a few days ago. Gotta get Anettes aproval first.


GECKO posted on Thu, Jan 2, 2003 9:00 PM

I always F UP WEN i POST PICS! here is da last pic

It looks like him...


Did he have any sort of foul odors about him?

Yep, that's Allen St. James, that ol' weasel, aka Tiki Trader. I still think he is not intentionally unethical, just confused (and feeling guilty).
But I shouldn't feel sorry for him, look where he is now!

I remember how those oldtimers brought their instruments, even a huge stand up bass, to the Tahitian Lanai to sing the classic Hapa Haole tunes. So great to hear they found their way to La Marianas.
Has anything been done with the empty Waikikian/ Tahitian Lanai lot yet? It was one thing to tear it down, but then for years and years it stood empty!

GECKO posted on Fri, Jan 3, 2003 9:41 AM

so that explains why he was kinda quiet when I mentioned TC or anything else. He does have tricks up his sleave!(sp?)I wonder if he had that Trader Vic glass with him to tell the GM about using that design in the restaurant.....hmmm. He did La Marianas new menu....could have been better. I'll post a pic when I get a chance. For such a classey place I don't think they know who they are dealing with, If he's as bad as everyone
says he is. maybe I'll show the GM this post to??

BK, you're terrible! funny though!

The Waikikian lot is still a tahitian lanai cemetary. Nothing there but memories.

laney posted on Fri, Jan 3, 2003 10:13 AM

Maybe you should show them this thread.
Great pics too Gecko!

GECKO posted on Fri, Jan 3, 2003 12:57 PM

eww what a thread that was. I see your point on the guy. I better not let Mike read that though, that might be a little shadey of me, do you think....all though he is my compatition.

What comes around goes around. he'll get his wen da times right.

laney posted on Fri, Jan 3, 2003 1:28 PM

Gecko, sure it would be mean to show them that thread but maybe they don't know who they are dealing with. Would any of us T.C.ers (and there are a lot of us 600+) buy a mug designed by him. Not many! I'm sure they'd rather deal with someone with your aloha sprit and appreciation for tiki! Oh, "kill'em with kindness!"

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