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Hukilau 2003 room reservation update

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Hi guys and gals,

First off, I apologize to anyone who has experienced any difficulty in making reservations for the 2003 Hukilau. It turns out that the response has been so great that the block of rooms we'd reserved at the Holiday Inn has, in fact, been sold out.

HOWEVER, on Monday, Dec 30th, we will add more rooms at the $79 Hukilau rate so that by Monday PM you should be able to make reservations.

The Holiday Inn only has 240 rooms and many of those are already booked so you might want to make those reservations as soon as possible.

If anyone has any trouble with room availability or room rates or Mai Kai reservations, please email me at:

[email protected]

and I will make sure it gets resolved. (This also applies to anyone who's already made a reservation at a higher rate) Thanks for your support and patience.

Humble Hukilau co-organizer and hotel/Mai Kai liason guy

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