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Lucky Red Gallery, Vancouver, B.C., Canada (other)

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Name:Lucky Red Gallery
Street:Union St. (just East of Main St.)
City:Vancouver, B.C.

Formerly known as the New Tiny Gallery.
It's literally the size of a standard bedroom and used to be a single car garage. The interior is much like a home Tiki bar and just as cozy! Bamboo walls for the art, a ceiling decorated with netting, thatching and a glass float or two. There's also a bar/counter with a palapa roof and a few resident Tiki art pieces by the artist/curator 12midnite.
Located on "the bitter end of Chinatown", this little gem is host to Vancouver's only annual Tiki Art Show (usually around the second week of December) and is one of Vancouver's premiere Low-Brow art galleries. For the few Tiki venues we have here in Vancouver, the Lucky Red is certainly worth seeing! I'll post some photos after my next visit!
website: 12 Midnite

Here's some info about the upcoming Tiki Art show at this cozy little gallery:
Lucky Red Tiki Art Show

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