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Home With Don the Beachcomber, Los Angeles, CA (store)

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Name:Home With Don the Beachcomber
Street:Westfield Century City Mall
City:Los Angeles

This is a hawaiiana botique, with ample tiki.

The store features painted tiki as well as lava black tiki, along with much Hawaiiana and clothing worthy of Hilo Hatties.

It is a breath of fresh, Hawaiian air and certainly worth a visit on the way to Trader Vics.

Otherwise, it might be better just to go to Hilo Hatties.

Strange. I wonder if they're actually allowed to use the Don the Beachcomber name. Do you know who makes the aloha wear/did you get a look at a tag? Did they have brand name items (Tommy Bahama perfume, etc.)?
Just curious.

Aloha Tiki Josh from the Quiet Village,

I, too, wondered about use of the name, and it even has the same bamboo script.
Yes, there were Tommy Bahama mens shirts.

The store does not have a website, at least not yet, it has only been a month.

By the way, IT DOES NOT SALE TIKI MUGS. Someone here should contact him (310) 552-3224, and remedy that glaring omission. The store could use more merchandise to sell.


This is pretty unusual. I wonder if it's secretly just a Tommy Bahama store and all they've done is changed the name.

The store has relocated to Westfield Mall in Woodland Hills - they now DO sell Tiki Farm mugs , and they have licensed the name from the restaurants in Hawaii. Good luck to them!

A shame.
I would have stopped by this Christmas season to buy a gift for me.


I went there a few weeks ago. It is very nicely decorated and they have a lot of tiki and Hawaiian items. I bought some Hawaiian Christmas ornaments. Come and check it out.

Photos please! I wanna see a pic of their logo....

Thank You! I love TC: I am all the way on the other side of the world, and I get to see a place near my home (well, when in Silverlake, Woodland Hills might seem as far away as Africa).

Great looking store, I am just wondering why they chose a PARROT with the otherwise authentic looking logo.

Swanky posted on Wed, Dec 5, 2007 3:33 PM

Any contact info? These guys need to carry Tiki Daze!

I'm gonna tell these guys about Tiki Central. They need to sell stuff like "Tiki Modern" and your calender, Swanky! I'm just a mile from the mall, so I go there all the time.

Sven, I want to thank you for your wonderful books. I'm a Tiki-Newby, but reading your thoughtful theories, I feel like I know something!


Anyone know if this place is still open ?

I wanna go there.

I'm pretty sure it closed. I looked for it while at the mall about 2 weeks ago & where I believed it to be was no longer open. Call first before you make the trip out just to be sure.


This store has moved to Simi Valley. From my conversation with the person working there it's been there a few years.

1555 Simi Town Center Way # 145
Simi Valley, CA 93065

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