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Tiki in the Miami Press

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Now if they would only open a decent tiki bar on South Beach!


Wow! I've been a tiki afficionado for years, and now it's 'in' in the south beach culture? I live on south beach, and would love to see a tiki bar, but am afraid it will get too commercialized.

[ Edited by: Mr Tiki Himself on 2002-05-13 22:28 ]

Thanks for the article. I'm glad I started collecting Forida tiki stuff before this article came out.

There's a simlar one in U.S. News:


And TAHITI Pacifique, a French Polynesian magazine (www.tahiti-pacifique.com), has a 6 page article taken directly out of my book (per my O.K.).

It's the beginning of summer, folks, the time when "Tiki trend" articles grow, just like in the two previous years....except the list of signs gets a little longer each year.


The ramping up of tiki culture articles and tv blurbs is part of what we hope will get 200-300 people to attend Hukilau 2002 in Atlanta.

It's one thing when you see it in Target, but when you can buy Tropical decor at Walmart, Walgreens, and just about everywhere, it's a dang pop cultural trend.

What that will actually mean in terms of larger plans, who knows. One thing is for sure, Captain Morgan is releasing a new rum and Coke drink to the masses and is looking for fun events to showcase it. Welcome aboard Cap'n!

The other thing is, The BOT is going to sell more copies than anyone may have suspected when it was first printed. And that's a very good thing.

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