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Fun with Formikahini

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Mr. and Mrs. Kahuna enjoyed the company of the lovely Miss Formikahini over for a few drinks this evening....I believe that would make her the official first Tiki Central customer at the Paradise Room. A more splendid, charming, and eloquent person there never was...lots of fun!

Been meaning to get this up! Our Formikahini is more than meets the eye...Did you know that she once opened for the CLASH? Go-Go danced with Tura Santana? Was one of El-Vez's Elvettes? Bi-lingual? Mannered like a Southern aristocrat? God fearing? (Okay, here we go boys, get in line...) SINGLE?

Oh, why the heck not....Here's our friends Brad Owens and Julie Bode enjoying some grog at the KTPR...Brad is the Tiki man in the sand right now, in Kuwait with a U.S. Army military intelligence batallion. Glad he got to suck down a few before he left!

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-01-02 00:45 ]

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-01-02 00:45 ]

And here in front of Collassahuna the First stand our friends Brad and Shelley Fisher from Dallas, Texas. Shelley had waited nine anxious months for us to get her hammered (you get the drift)...

I'll keep posting our visitors as they arrive! You could be next! (bring a grocery bag of top shelf booze, too, while you're on your way...) :)

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While the compliments are being tossed about (thanks, Kahuna! what a flatterer!), I have to respond with a report on The Kon Tiki Paradise Lounge. I was so right when I said in an earlier thread that his two big Pampano Beach guys belonged not in SoCal, but rather in the North Georgia mountains. The man has treated them with nothing but love and all the respect you could wish for them! They are surrounded by a lovely array of both vintage tiki items and hand carved beauties (many visible in the above fotos) made by Basement Kahuna himself. Would that I had the time to tool around thusly!

One incident sums the evening all up. Mr. Kahuna and his lovely wahine, Mrs. Kahuna, had just returned from out-of-town, and apologised profusely for having nothing to serve to snack on. HOWEVER, when offered anything I wanted to drink and requested a Mai Tai (the standard, ya know?), I was dumfounded to see my drink garnished with a cherry, pineapple, and a fresh lime!! How in the heck do you have fresh fruit garnishes when you don't even have milk in the fridge?!? As Kahuna said, "Priorities!"

I am now back in Houston, recovering from food poisoning (not from the mai tai!) and dreaming of my next visit to the Paradise Lounge. One of these days I'll get a scanner so I can get my own fotos on here!

Bless your heart...we hope you feel better....Mrs. Kahuna totalled her Explorer yesterday (not seriously hurt, thank God) and Mr. Kahuna put a 1/4 inch razor sharp Sheffield carving gouge deep in his left index finger today while carving a marquesan tiki and had to have stitches...must be some bad karma in the air! Precursor to one of us winning the lottery?....hmmmmm...We hafta consult da Lawd on dat one!

P.S. Formikahini...I am highly ashamed..there should have been a fresh mint sprig in that there Mai Tai but our herb garden has fallen victim to recent freezes...

Sorry to butt in, folks, but Wow! That looked like a really good time. Just joined the other day and I'm amazed to see how advanced some of these Home Bars are. Also amazing is how much I have in common (outside of the Tiki Obsession) with so many people here. I found my visit to this forum totally inspiring. Thanks, folks, for being who you are. Hope to see ya 'round.

Butt on, Traitor Vic...and come up and see us sometime! Sorry about that abomination that opened in downtown Greenville (namely Tiki Bob's, which is about as far from paradise as Earth to the Crab Nebula).

EEEEEEEEeeeeeeewwwww!!! You got that right! I actually went in there a few weeks ago. My wife had to meet some people she works with and forced me to come along so that she would have an excuse to book on out early. It was horrible, to say the least. Ever had to go to one of those places?
Thanks for the invite! If your luck runs horribly I may take you up on it someday. In the meantime... See ya 'round TC!

Here we have the lovely Miss Tiki Kiliki with her buff warrior Swanky. These two can put away some liquor, I mean buck wild, ribald Vic Bergeron rip-'snortin style. I mixed 18 drinks by the end of the evening for us three. I don't know who had what! There is a real and true passion for tiki there, too. Very nice, interesting folks and lots of fun!

And they Look So Happy! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Uh... Was this photo taken Before or After the 18 cocktails were served?

Defendent invokes his fifth amendment rights..

I think this pic was after the 18 drinks or during the last 3.

If you guys get the chance to go to Basement Kahuna's Kon Tiki Paradise Room you'll understand when I say this is one of the most amazing and charming home tiki bars I've ever had the pleasure of getting sauced in.

In fact, to hell with Trader Vic's in Atlanta - I'm goin' to Clayton, GA from now on.

Awwwww, shucks (blushing)...I had a blast, as well..I know I may be a little bit obnoxious and hard to fathom...but wasn't the Trader that way, too?


Here is a picture of the aftermath

And here is a nice, though correctly dark image of the Kon Tiki Paradise Room

Here's a couple of versions of the cover art I just finished for our new little souvenir drink menu (Swanky and Kiliki, Formikahini, Owens ya all got 'em coming!)

Nice art, BK! I've been doodling around with the same idea. Haven't finalized anything yet but I'll post when done. Heh! Now I'm almost inspired enough to log off of the 'net and get back to work on it!


Here's Joe and Angela Graves from Augusta, Ga. enjoying some libations in the basement paradise! We had all just got back from the Mission Of Burma show in Hotlanta. This bar was their first Tiki experience. Judging by the ear to ear grins I think moi Kahuna and the wife 'done good! Here we have the aftermath:

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-12-10 14:24 ]


looks like you guys had a good time BK. I'll stop by one day. I gon see KG's tiki from da BOT wen i get to Florida.

Anytime you're in the Ga/ NC area come by...you have perpetual invite!

Here's Kane Kava King Tim and his lovely Wahine Michelle who stopped by the Kon Tiki Paradise Room for a few drinks last night...Kava brought me a bottle of genuine vintage Sazerac Falernum! Mrs. Kava makes the coolest woodburned cork tiki pendants you'll see anywhere which she presented us with two of, and will be bringing a small batch to Hukilau first come, first serve. A good time was had by all!

Hey BK... can we get a look at one of those woodburned cork tiki pendants? I've been working on some neckware lately and I'll try to post a pic of those soon...


Sure...I'll get one up tomorrow.

Such Digs! Thanks again for a relaxing, fun evening. Having your picture taken in "The chair" is becoming a badge of pride for Tiki Centralites, I believe. I used the ice-o-matic last night- Love it. See you in Florida- I'll be the one with the snow white tan, leopard skin thong & case of Sazeracs!

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