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What else- collections thread

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I belive we had a thread like this way back when but I couldnt find it, I give up to easy. Anyways, Since there are a lot more ppl around here now, I figure we could start another one. While cruising the antique store, thrift shops and ebay whatnots, some times I come across things I like but am not to familar with, It would be nice to know maybe some else out there collects it and can be of service. Also you may see something that another board member collects and can give them a hand in aquiring it.

I forgot , I dont collect much else beside hula girl dolls, The cubbie little girls types about 9" tall, eyes usually closed but not always.

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Everyone knows I collect lamps. But since I've been gathering lamps for some years now I've moved from '40's-'50's to late '60's-'70's and have several ceramic lamps with two and three tiered shades, I need to get rid of. I may turn to ebay soon but if anyone here has the old Hawaiian Decor (40's-50's blond Heywood, etc.) these would be stunning. I have a few matching pairs too. I just dread packing them up for shipping.

I got a digital camera from my best friend for my birthday so as soon as I figure out how to use it I'll post some pics if anyone has interest.

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